Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hydrangeas, Willow and Dragonflies.

Well the weather couldn't have done more of a complete U turn could it. we've gone from temperatures in the 80's to pouring rain and a cold wind - is that summer over and done with?

The garden is way too wet for me to get out and clear weeds, I'd be doing more harm than good so I've had to make do with tidying up and filling bird feeders and not much else.
I noticed the Hydrangeas are really doing well this year. I think I pruned them at the wrong time last year and they hardly flowered at all, this year though they are all full of blooms.
Walking from one end of the garden to the other I noticed the gradual colour change in the blooms so going along with the current way of thinking my soil goes from acidic to neutral in quite a short space

Before this weather change I had spent a few days clearing our pond of reeds. I usually refuse to do this job because the pond is huge and very deep and filled to the brim with all kinds of reptiles and jurassic insects ( I kid you not) but Mr TG and Miss TG decided to bring ducks home so i felt the pond had to be cleared and I was the only one with the time to do it. The pond looked much better on completion but I'd been concerned that my interference may have impacted the Dragonflies - the only insects I can stand - however just as I lay next to the pond to get a low shot look what appeared

I guess I don't need to worry about insect life.

I also had a go at turning a couple of willows into an arch a few weeks ago. I tried it last year but it just kept breaking apart with every wind so I lost interest, this time I used more twine to temporaraily hold them together and so far it has held. If this works and holds over winter then I'll be completeing the willow walk as soon as the willows are tall enough to reach over

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Slug free Hosta

I think this is the longest break I have taken from posting on here, I've kind of been unsure what to blog about because although there's been alot going on in the garden and polytunnel there's not much worth blogging about - at least not much that I feel people would be interested in sitting and reading.
I cannot fault the weather over the past month or so though, it has been ruddy lovely here - full on sunshine with a lovely sea breeze and next to no rain.
The flower borders are rife with weeds because I've taken a step back from worrying about them everyday - sure I regret it now but I'm still not letting myself get all worked up about it, I'll get round to sorting it sooner or later.
I did take a wander round after mowing the lawns today though and I'm bemused by a particular Hosta (name unknown) that stands out from every other Hosta I own. Most of my Hostas whether they be in pots or the ground have pretty much been munched to skeletons

Well a few weeks ago I noticed that while the slugs are dining on most of my Hostas there is one Hosta which I have planted in various areas has not been touched at all - I do believe I have a Hosta that slugs do not like - how cool is that! This photo was taken yesterday along with the others and clearly show it's untouched - as are the others of the same variety.

The flower borders may be weed ridden but the perennial flowers are also blooming so at least the borders look full - best use for weeds lol

Friday, 11 July 2014

Ruddy ducks and gruesome gorse.

Remember those darned Gorse bushes I had to hack at in an attempt to rescue ducks that didn't rescueing last week? Well this is what those spear like thorns do to a person

This is why I hate those bloomin shrubs - the spears are bad enough when they intially jab you but these after effects go on for days and hurt reeeeeally bad - did I mention how much I hate hate hate Gorse bushes?

Have to admit I am thoroughly fed up with these ducks now. To even catch a glimpse of them we have to sneak round to the pond as silent as a ninja, which is not easy considering there's gravel everywhere and we have to pass by a Great Horned Owl that hates people and makes a sudden racket if we dare to approach in clothes he doesn't recognise.
We usually get about a 3 second glimpse before the feckless ungrateful creatures head for the reeds and out of sight. Well I had a plan to help reduce that - remove half the reeds!

Sounded like a good plan until it dawned on me that I am the only one with the time to actually get in the pond and do it. It should be done every year really but last year we didn't do it at all because we were sulking after the Otter ate all our fish!
Here's the reeds that act as a hideout for Daphne (formally Jasmine - I got the name wrong), Donald and Daisy

It's worse than it looks because that only shows a bit of the pond.
So I bravely donned Mr TGs waders and slipped into that conga eel infested pond trying desperately not to think of all the creatures eyes that were on me just waiting for their moment to pounce.
Have to say I was very grateful for the lack of rain lately because it meant that the deeper areas of the pond were only chest height and there was no swimming required.
2 hours were enough in that pond for me in one hit. There is plenty more that needs pulling out because the far side reeds still cover half the pond but 2 large areas were trimmed right back (gotta leave some for the ruddy ducks)

I left the reeds over the decking areas to dry out and as a peace offering for all the eels and iguanas that may happen to have got caught up in them, but then I realised the decking is rotted and I could very well be going through it when I collect the reeds up - great!
So basically these ducks are boring - seriously boring! And I am still determined we need a Goose though I would settle for a Peacock!