Friday, 11 January 2013

Garden Blogs of the month : January 2013

I'm very honoured to be able to post that my blog has been recognised by Jean Potuchek over at Jean's Garden, for a place in her Garden Blog of the month: January 2013, alongside The Scottish Country Garden and Landscape Notes.
My own blog is still in it's newborn phase and as such I want to express my thanks to Jean for her recognition and kind comments.
Jean's own blog is full of information backed up with some of the most amazing images and is definitely worth a visit - after which you will be hooked I guarantee.
Here's what jean had to say about The Tenacious Gardener

The Tenacious Gardener is the newest of these blogs, only a few weeks old. As the title indicates, this is a blog about the experience of gardening in challenging conditions, specifically on the North Sea coast of the Scottish Highlands. Linda, the author of this blog, tells us that she already had some gardening experience before she and her family moved to the Highlands, but found that  gardening “in an exposed area slap bang next to the North Sea Coast has demanded that I forget about many of the blousy plants I enjoyed in England and acquaint myself with hardier, more durable species.” The experiences recounted in her very engaging blog posts include growing both flowers and vegetables and raising animals (including killer chickens). I especially enjoy her accounts of learning to garden using local natural resources like seaweed (see I need seaweed and Garlic & buckets of tea).

Jean found and chose my blog from Blotanical, a concise interactive directory of gardening blogs from around the world. It's also free to join!


  1. Congrats. Your blog is new to me and I will stop back again.

    1. Thankyou. I love looking for new blogs and gardening inspiration myself so I will head on over to gardenwalkgardentalk and have a butchers :)



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