Monday, 16 September 2013

September Blooms

Yesterday was Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and I missed it again, but I'm going to join in with it today anyway so I've just been out and snapped images of what is blooming in my garden this rainy, windy September

This is my first year of growing Verbena as it's not a plant I've ever really thought about growing. I only grew it this year because I got 4 plants pretty cheaply early on and managed to get cuttings from them super easily. I don't know whether they will survive the winter outside here so I have taken more cuttings just in case but they certainly like where I planted them - they've grown to at least 4ft in height!

I'm not too sure of the name of this Heuchera, I have all the names listed but unfortunately the markers I put in the ground with them appear to have disappeared. This is it's second flush of flowers this year because I dead headed the last lot.

Montbretia is still flowering prolifically, I have the red variety 'Lucifer' but I do like this Orange variety 'Mistral' I think.

Hosta 'Golden Tiara' growing in a pot. It's not look at its healthiest because I think it gets a tad too much sunshine but it still adds some interest.

This unknown variety of Honeysuckle smells absolutely delicious and is the only one out of 4 Honeysuckles in the garden that is actually growing never mind flowering.

Escallonia 'Red Carpet'. I've tried many times to propagate this shrub via cuttings and haven't managed to get one to survive.

I've tried a few times to kill this grass but it just seems to re shoot regardless of what I do, if it wasn't so rampant I'd let it stay but .............

Leycesteria Formosa, this shrub looks lovely when it's dripping with flowers. It readily seeds itself so there's always seedlings available and the hollow stems look pretty cool in the winter.

Blooms of Fuchsia 'Tom Thumb' ready to burst open - this little Fuchsia is so hardy it handles even the coldest winter here in the Highlands.

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  1. Hi Linda-Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I love your garden photos. The Verbena is a wonderful plant and I think the variety of Coral Bells that you have is Heuchera 'Silver Scrolls'with the silvery/white trim. I am glad you have led me to find you...will be back to visit!

    1. Hi Lee,
      Thank you for the name hint, I will check it against my records and see if it's the name of one I bought - luckily I kept all the names :)
      I remember your blog Lee you have that beautiful shrub Crepe Myrtle that I would love to grow but todays research has suggested won't survive here :(
      Thank you for popping by Lee :)

  2. Many of your plants seem to be blooming after our flowering period is long gone. Hopefully the verbena will self seed like ours does,

    1. I do hope the Verbena self seeds Sue, though I have taken cuttings just in case.
      I'm quite surprised by just how much is still in flower here, in fact some things are only just blooming when they're usually over with by now - I think it's all the dead heading I did this year!

  3. Really lovely blooms. I adore verbena and the top photo is fab. Happy Bloom Day!

    1. Thank you Kelli and Happy Bloom Day to you too :)

  4. I love verbena and coral bells...delicate blooms.


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