Tuesday, 17 December 2013

I'm kinda missing the summer routine of gardening - the very same routine that drives me mad all summer long! I look round the garden most days and find it quite sad that it's looking so dull and lifeless, I really haven't done a very good job of including winter interest in the garden, something I will have to rectify next year.
I have pots and pots of Alliums in the PT already starting to come through, the idea is to grow them in pots this year and plant them out in the spring. I was going to plant the bulbs a couple of months ago but there was still so much growth in the garden that I just couldn't picture where the best places were going to be for them - so spring it is!
I've been getting quite creative with the Willow making wreaths. This was my first attempt at making willow wreaths and once I had the form correct and sort of round I added some fabric flowers in White and Red that are so easy to make.

I also made this wood trough from some of the wood from the pallets I took apart, filled it with candles and then wedged in some branches from whatever Fir trees I could find on the land. I added some battery lights and voila!

As a point of interest I also made that fire surround from scrap wood too.

I must say that while Christmas is a lovely family time I'm bored now! I love working with wood and I'm looking forward to getting my new workshop built but I miss the gardening. I have so many plans for the second half of the garden renovation that I'm really eager to get going and I cannot say how much I am looking forward to next year and starting afresh with the veggies and seeing what plants have survived the winter.
Until then I will just have to make do with the fantastic sun rises that winter provides us with - mind you the sun is currently rising at the ridiculously late time of 9:15am here at the moment- a very sharp contrast from the summer when it doesn't get dark here until midnight and then light again by 3am.


  1. Fabulous craft work and beautiful sunsets.

  2. The wreath and trough look wonderful. The fabric roses don't look easy to make, whatever you say!


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