Thursday, 13 March 2014

Scottish Highlands

I had intended to grow my French bean outside this year but I've now decided against it - the last time I tried to grow them outside was a disaster, the plants just barely grew and I ended up with no more than a handful of beans.
Growing them in the PT on the other hand was very productive two years ago, we could have eaten beans for breakfast lunch and dinner and still had a freezer full of them. The problem was that they liked the growing conditions so much they grew like triffids and smothered the PT structure as well as the nearby plum and pear trees.
This time I'm limiting the amount of plants I grow to just 4 and have built the support trellis far away from the fruit trees, they will still need alot of control but at least there will be veg at the end of it.

The soil in these beds is deeper than it looks because it also goes down by a good 2 ft.

Although the weather has been lovely of late I haven't really been able to get much done outside due to getting through some other projects that have been started and left for quite some time now - all house crafts.
On the days I wasn't building we decided to drive round the Highlands and take in the scenery - we've promised ourselves for years that we would start doing this and have never gotten around to it. This year we've also decided to get some hiking in on the vast mountains and hills around us.
We are so lucky to have easy access to scenery such as this

We were lost at this point.

The canyon looking red hue was created by putting my sunglasses in front of the lens.

I don't have many photos of Mr TG so I am pretty pleased with this one

We met a couple of these along the way too.

Having a good old scratch.

I refuse to move!

Wednesday was my daughters 23rd birthday - both of them! Mr TG decided to take the day off as we would have both girls and their boyfriends at home with us this year and we decided the girls could decide what we did for the day.
A walk in the forest with 6 dogs and 1 barn owl was first on the agenda (and I forgot my camera) followed by lunch in town and then a drive up to John O Groats seeing as the weather was so lovely! At least that was the plan that Leanne wanted! Stacey tried to opt for a day of agility on the land with a pack of dogs - thankfully a vote of hands put a stop to that one.
I'm terrible at having my photo taken, I simply refuse to let anyone take one for various reasons (Insecurity about looks and weight basically) and my family are pretty accepting of that, however I saw how gutted my girls were at not having my photo taken with them so I allowed them to take 2 - one at lunch and one at John O Groats. Posting them on here really goes against the grain for me but I'm trying to get over it.

L-R: Leanne, Mr TG, Me, Stacey

Stacey, Me, Leanne

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  1. I just love those shaggy cattle (how do they see out!). Don't have a complex about photos, in the last one you look beautiful in between your lovely girls. That's what prompted me to comment by the way.

    1. The cattle look so cuddly don't they? These ones really didn't want to move off the road and were very patient while I took photos.
      Thank you for liking the photos, I find it so difficult to have my picture taken as I am very very self critical but I'm trying to work on that this year - life is too short isn't it!
      Thank you for popping by and taking time to comment Carol

  2. You could be big sis in that last photo, no Jess. Hehe I'm the same though can't stand having my photo taken too.

    1. Thank you captain :) My weight is a real issue for me however I have to say that the fat in my face is what keeps the skin looking line free lmao. Always a silver lining I guess lol.
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment

  3. I agree with the Captain that last photo of you is just great - you should (or maybe shouldn't) see the sort of photos of me. Let's say the camera and I don't get on!

    Love highland cattle!

    1. Cameras lie Sue, didn't you know? lol They never quite seem to get it right do they lol. Wouldn't it be great if there was a camera that let you preset a weight (or whatever else bothers you) and that's the image it gave you lol. My house would then be full of photos.

      Thank you for your lovely comment Sue

    2. I once had to provide a photo for a profile someone did about me so I doctored it in Lightroom - taking out wrinkles round the eyes and any blotches, I looked quite presentable after that.

  4. Loved your photos especially the cattle. I want them! I can join you and others with not having my photo taken. You look fabulous. Great post!

    1. So many people are telling me here and on FB that they also refuse to have their photo taken or refuse to look at them when they are taken. It's very sad really isn't it, all those photographic memories that we miss out on. I don't have a photo of when I was pregnant with twins, which is a real shame because I could look at them now and feel thin lol.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment :)

  5. It looks like you all had a lovely day, the scenery is fantastic. I hate having my photo taken and go mad if someone takes one without my knowledge. Both photos of you are really lovely, especially the one of you with your daughters. That's one for a frame.

  6. Lovely photos.. I'm another who tries to avoid the camera! I love Highland Cattle.. there used to be some not too far from me here in Suffolk....I'll have to take a look one day and see if they are still there :o)

  7. Hi Linda! I read your comment on The Barefoot Crofter and came here to say that I agree with your views. We are looking at Sweden and Canada if there is a Yes vote.

    Another camera avoidee here. You look great in the photo above. I on the other hand always look rather demented...

  8. Such a lovely family...nice shots out there in the wild. I had loads of beams too until the voles got to them...I need to prevent that this year. Like the trellis you constructed for your beans.


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