Wednesday, 21 January 2015

RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch

Thanks to Sue over at 'Our plot at Green Lane Allotments' I have remembered to sign up for this years 'RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch'.
I've been meaning to do this for a couple of years but I always seem to forget but having seen Sues post on the subject I've registered and have put a reminder on my Ipad and phone so that I don't forget.
If you're not sure what is involved it's very simple: All you need to do is spend one hour over the weekend 24-25 January counting the birds in your garden. Then you can either submit the results live online or through the post, whichever is more convenient for you.  Couldn't be simpler!
So head over to the RSPB website, register free of charge (you also get a £5 voucher to use in the RSPB shop IF you want to - no obligation) and they'll either send you the information pack or you can download it immediately and there's even activities for the kids to enjoy if you need it.
Now all I have to do is decide which feeding station I want to sit at, the one round near the polytunnel is likely to get more variety as the Rooks tend to raid the house one so I guess my query may already have been answered.

Happy bird watching!


  1. Glad that you remembered to sign up.

    1. Thank you for the reminder Sue. I'm actually quite looking forward to it.

  2. Bird watching is one thing, but making pictures of them is something else, I think it is very difficult and you made some great shots.

    1. Janneke all my shots are pretty much 'luck' shots lol. I have no patience for sitting around undercover waiting for birds to arrive so I cheat and either a) put food out I know they can't resist and sit very still or b) wait for the unfazed birds to arrive such a Blue Tits and Great Tits because they're not as shy as the others and don't fly off so quick. Once I'm bored of that I sit indoors near the back window and wait for them to arrive at the feeding station :)
      Thank you for stopping by Janneke :)


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