Thursday, 7 May 2015


I'm so lucky that I have a daughter that works at a DIY superstore! She's bought me back many many plants that were destined for the skip for various reasons - often times they're on the brink of death - and I cherish each and every one of them.
The latest haul she bought me back included Hyacinths in Teracotta pots, loads of Erica, a few Leucothoe and plenty of Viburnum Tinus - all healthy plants too.

These are Pansies that she rescued from the skip a few weeks ago - they've given me weeks of colour and smiles.

Lovely aren't they. I've never grown Pansies before though so I really don't know what i do with them after they've flowered - do they come back next year?


  1. The pansies are lovely and colorful. You can try to keep them till next year in the garden, they sometimes come back. Do you have enough space for all your Viburnum tinus, you almost can start a business with them.

  2. Dead head the pansies and they'll keep going for ages. If you do try to keep them cut them back so they don't become too straggly

  3. Fantastic, a little tlc and Bobs yer uncle.


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