Wednesday, 24 February 2016


The promised snow has finally arrived! We've been lucky of late because everytime it was forecast nothing actually came of it. The same goes with the wind too.
We have had rain though and it has literally saturated the ground, there is absolutely no way I can get outside and do any kind of gardening - such a shame as I would love to be out there in the cold, NOT!
As I said though, the snow has arrived. It won't stay long as it never does but we tend to get it worse in this village than just 1 mile up the road, I think it drifts and as we're one of the last properties before the sea we get alot of drift.
Having said that, it's hardly been an avalanche of snow. In fact we're talking maybe one inch is all.

 This is the start of it - not much huh!

Getting a little worse but it'll probably disappear overnight and then we just have the water run off to contend with. While we will never flood here - we're so far above sea level (at least those cliffs are a good 200ft drop) and a burn runs water straight to the sea - the garden could definitely benefit from a substantial drainage system as the amount of water we have is just sitting there freezing over.
We did a couple of drainage channels last year but TBH it looks like it was a complete waste of time!

I've spent a bt of time in the PT tidying it up ready for Spring and I've found a few issues with it that will need rectifying in spring. The main problem is one bolt holding the bottom trim in place has come away which means that piece is just flapping about, this in turn means the plastic to that area is also flapping and loosening. There's also a few rips to the plastic but I think once I repair those I should get another few years out of the plastic cover.

I have a system going with my daughters workplace, we collect all their broken pots and make use of them. They store them in giant dumpy bags and then we collect them and bring them home so I can sort them out. For the most part they are not salvageable so I break them up and use them as crocks for the bottom of pots

There have been a few pots worth saving though so I have quite a collection going now.
I know the big one has the bottom missing but I will sink this one into the ground and use it that way.


  1. Our ground is really soggy too and this week we tidied our garden greenhouse. No snow here thank goodness .

  2. I do like having some snow when it is cold so it can insulate the plants. It looks so pretty, too. The muddy aftermath can be hard to deal with though!


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