Friday, 28 December 2012

Garden therapy & frozen earth.

I bet I'm not the only one who stares out the window on these cold, rainy, windy days eager for the Spring to arrive so that I can get out there to carry out some of the many plans for the garden I have rattling around in my head!
Honestly I have so many new and exciting ideas for next years gardening that if I don't start some of them soon my blinkin head will explode and I'm adding fresh ideas every day because time I would have spent in the garden is now time spent on the laptop reading every gardening article and blog I can find.
Yesterday the wind had dropped to literally nothing and I had planned to forget about housework and spend all day outside on the land with the dogs gardening to my hearts content - garden therapy and I was so looking forward to it.
The problem turned out to be not the wind or rain but frozen earth! Any kind of digging, plant replacement or garden clearing was out of the question and with nothing doing in the Polytunnel or the green house my only job was to replenish the bird table - so much for garden therapy.
I'm sure the birds appreciated the feast I served them up though

bird food, bird seed
This feast includes crushed fat balls, regular bird seed, crushed peanuts, koi food, mealworms, fat pellets, pinhead oatmeal, fruit and niger seed.

I also make my own lard cakes into half coconut shells that hang up for the birds. I have to be careful what I hang up though cos the Rooks take everything. I've even had to mesh the birdtable so that anything bigger than a Starling can't get in.
I'm in the process of making another birdtable cos this one is way round at the veggie area and we'd like one that is near the house patio doors so that we can watch them from indoors. We mainly get Blue Tits, Coal Tits, Robins, Greenfinches etc to the table but I'm going to add hangers to entice the Waxwings and other birds that I've seen up the lane at someone elses feeders. I just hope it doesn't encourage the Rooks as well.

Coal tit, garden bird

Blue tit, garden bird


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  1. The half coconut fat cake is on my to do list as is refilling the log feeder.


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