Sunday, 23 December 2012

The worst is over!

The storm has finally drifted off, it feels as though we have been weathering storm force winds and lashing rains for weeks but in reality it's only been a few days. A few days is plenty enough though and I hope it's the worst over with for a while.
Today I managed to have a good look around outside for the first time, not with the intention of gardening but simply to survey any damage. Suprisingly, other than an uprooted Willow tree, there is no damage from the winds.
The rain however is something else. Most areas have drained well because we have a huge natural pond/mini lake and everything just seeps into there but the new area of raised veg beds we built is kinda swamped..

veg growing, raised veg bed, flood
Pretty icky huh?

Unfortunately this is going to take an age to drain away, if in fact it does at all because the pond level now seems to be the same height.
We're going to have to put our thinking caps on cos this is no good for accessing those veg beds.
Still compared to some of the flooding that is going on at home in England we have been amazingly lucky to get just this so I'm not complaining.

So I had a little suprise while I was scouring the garden today.
Look what I found that I never planted

Cordyline, garden, garden plant

Now to me it looks like a Cordyline? But I'm kinda shocked it has self seeded itself here because Cordylines need protection in the winter in my garden.
I first saw it last winter when it was just a tiddler and it seems to have grown to this size over the summer hidden in Montbretia and Day Lily foliage. Now that foliage has died back it has revealed this plant again.
I was going to dig it up and move it but hey, who am I to mess with mother nature! If this is where it likes to plant its feet and thrives then this is where I'll leave it!
It is a Cordyline though, right?

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