Monday, 11 February 2013

Jamaican Flora

2 days back from Jamaica and I'm ready to go back! To be honest I was ready to go back the day we landed, in fact if I'm being brutally honest I didn't want to flippin come back at all! (insert sad, desperate face).

I've had a day or so to mooch around the garden and inspect the damage from recent winds and I am relieved to say that the damage is minor and easily repairable.
I'm currently scratching together our veg plot plans and kind of regretting not having done it before I went away. Why I thought it was a good idea to leave these jobs until I got back from vacation when my brain has been replaced with cotton wool is beyond me!

For now though I will just have to share some of the images I snapped of the gorgeous flora of Lucea, Jamaica and be transported back to the warm, warm climes of the Caribbean.........
Apologies in advance that I don't know the names of pretty much all these plants, though feel free to fill me if any of you guys do!

I do know this one though! A rather large Oleander (?) that makes mine look pretty naff! And I think that is Bouganvilla beneath it - what a lovely combination.

Haven't a clue what this is!

I think this is Bouganvilla. It happily grew everywhere in a rainbow of different colours.

One of my favourite flowers but I have no idea what it's called.

This bush had Jasmine type flowers only larger and with no nothing like Jasmine really....except they're white!

Love the contrast.

That is just a snippet of the photos I took, I'm thinking I should post them in 2 posts - maybe 3 - rather than just one humongous, overly long post.

Now I'm off to stare ate photos of white sands and azure blue waters.  I think I may just need another holiday.


  1. Lovely blooms! I've never been to Jamaica, but you make it sound very inviting. As to needing another holiday, I think the better the vacation, the harder it is to come back!

  2. The best vacation is one that we wish never ended...that was my trip to italy...i could leave in a flash and move there forever...reality is not as good as the vacation...

  3. What on earth possessed you to return? This has to be the longest, darkest winter in the history of winters. I love that woolly-headed feeling after a holiday - it means the holiday has worked its magic. Don't worry - another 48 hours and you'll be back to normal (insert clear-headed face), but you'll still be feeling much better than the rest of us who didn't migrate to the sun. I would love to visit Jamaica - so I'm looking forward to a few pics of white sands. Makes a welcome change from grey snow!

  4. Welcome back. It must have been wonderful to get such an infusion of bright tropical colors (as well as sunny warmth :-)). I'm pretty clueless about tropical flowers, so can't help you with your identifications. -Jean


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