Monday, 18 February 2013

There's light at the end of the tunnel

Another gorgeous mild, dry day here in the Highlands and I'm still holed up with this Flu, this is so going to set me back. I should be cutting Willow, digging over beds, finishing the pruning and seed sowing by now!
The Flu itself appears to have just about given up and that's a welcome relief however Sinusitis has taken its place and despite being drugged up on every legal OTC medicine I can get my hands on the pain everytime I move my head is pretty excruciating. It would seem I will just have to ride this one out and while I am so tempted to at least give the gardening a go I know it will just set me back, especially while I have this cough.

So for now I am maintaining some semblence of sanity by reading all those gardening blogs I love - thank you, and catching up with all the gardening magazines I have. While these do fill me with optimism they also headline what I'm actually missing out on in the garden but on the upside I have a whole list of new projects to add to my current list of projects and I'm sure I'll be able to get started soon - fingers crossed!

In the mean time I ventured as far as the bedroom window and took a couple of piccies.

Hard to feel sorry for me "holed up" when I have this sea view to stare at from my bed isn't it! In Spring the field will be full of Lambs and they are hilarious to watch.
sea view from my bed.

This is as close as I'm able to get at the moment to keep an eye on the tunnel. I sneaked out the other day insisting I was checking on it despite feeling like crap, it was all I could do to open the doors I was so weak. I felt a right fool shuffling back to the house.
All that land and no ruddy energy.

Now here's something I spotted in Jamaica and would love for my garden here. Wonder how much it would cost.........
Metal horse


  1. Hope you feel better soon. You do have an outstanding sea view. As for the horse, you can always dream.

  2. Hang in there, and I hope you feel back to normal soon. -Jean

  3. Well maybe that sea view will help make you feel better soon...

  4. I hope you get well soon :-). That's an awesome view from the bedroom.

  5. WOW that is an amazing view! Gorgeous!!


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