Saturday, 30 November 2013

All quiet on the garden front.

Not only am I neglecting this blog but my garden is also getting the same lack of attention at the moment. It's that time of year when there is nothing worth blogging about going on out there I'm afraid, which seems silly seeing as I'm out there pottering away pretty much most days.
The garden is pretty much all wrapped up for the winter, pots are all in the tunnel and there's not really much else to do other than begin adding some manure to the borders and a bit of tidying up. On the upside all these quiet times in the garden means I'm getting to spend more time in my workshop (aka greenhouse) building more Adirondack chairs and producing multi coloured bird houses (seemed like a good idea at the time)

Think it will be staying in my shed as an ornament!

I've never really been one for checking out autumn colours on my plants and that's probably why my garden has very little winter interest. I have the odd Dogwood with its wonderful red stems that I admire but that's pretty much it, nothing else seems to catch the eye. So I found myself this week really noticing the autumn colour on two particular plants - one is this Geranium 'Johnsons Blue' - all my other Cranesbills seems to just wilt and do nothing remotely interesting but this one was just so pretty with all its colour

I've never really noticed the Wiegela getting all colourful as it dies off either. This one is in a pot as it's a cutting I took (really needs planting out mind) but while this one was looking all lovely its parent plant in the garden just looked blah

And my l'il friend is still following me around, he's so sweet


  1. The birds couldn't fail to notice that nest box could they?

    1. lol Sue, you should see some of the other colours i have. I bought loads of tester pots of the brightest Cuprinol garden shades. It all looked so much better in my head though.

  2. Linda I love your fall colors as they are favorites of mine too...and your sweet robin...but oh I love that birdhouse!!


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