Thursday, 21 November 2013

Snowy days

So the new camera I bought from duty free in Jamaica (Nikon Coolpix) has decided to develop a fault with the lens protector and is now unusable - so not a happy bunny! Nikon are trying to welch on the guarantee as it was bought in Jamaica and so has a US warranty but I'm hoping they'll be kind enough to fix it anyway and have sent it off to them. But what to do about a camera? Well I have a Samsung point and shoot but it seems that that has developed a problem with the lens also and it won't pop out so won't stay turned on - great! I sold my DSLR months ago - a stupid mistake thinking I would never use it cos I couldn't get the hang of all the lenses. I so wish I had kept it now!
I have however dug out my old trusty Olympus C750UZ, it's about 10 years old and has never ever had a problem. It's so easy to use too and is so much more accurate with colours than the Coolpix and the Samsung - makes me wonder why I ever swapped it out to be honest.
Anyway, what does a girl do with a camera in her hands on a snowy day..............

OK so it's only a dusting of snow but everything looks so clean and pretty when it first hits doesn't it, plus it always seems to bring the sun out.

Here is the same view as above literally moments later - gotta love it!

The Verbena Bonariensis looked amazing all summer long and was actually still in flower when the snow hit, not sure if the snow has finally bought it to its knees as I've not looked but I wouldn't be surprised if it hasn't. If this plant can make it all through the winter in the ground here then it will have definitely earned its place in my garden and I'll plant more.

This Yucca? Cordyline? Some other palmy type plant? self seeded itself and I first noticed it about 3 years ago when it just seemed to appear one winter when the plants surrounding it had died down. I was going to move it but I figure I'll probably kill it if I do and it seems to be happily growing a foot a year in its current place.

This pier into the pond was erected yeeeeeears ago as an easy place to feed the Koi in the summer. It's seen better times though and while it looks lovely covered with snow I don't think I'd be brave enough to walk on it until it's been supported. Mind you the Koi got eaten by an Otter anyways so it's really not used much now.

I couldn't resist placing some food on the stone bench to see if it would attract any birds I could then take a photo of. I thought maybe the tits would be first down but they didn't even show their faces, this little guy was on it in seconds though - shame I was so far away that I had to super zoom in though as the quality isn't great!


  1. There you go you own Christmas card design - get printing!

  2. Everything looks gorgeous with a layer of snow. Beautiful photos. Good idea Sue - the robin pic would make a lovely card.

  3. Oh how awful about the cameras...but the snow does look lovely. Our first snowfall was just this weekend.

  4. No snow yet for us here down south so I envy your beautiful photo's. :-)


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