Friday, 21 February 2014

Abreak in the weather

Crikey, almost 10 days since my last post! What can I say, the weather has continued to be naff and although I've managed the odd hour of pottering outside nothing has been worth recording. I've used my time to craft inside instead but I have another blog for all that.
The other day we did have a break in the weather though and it was lovely blue skies and absolutely no wind - it seems like we've had gale force winds every day since about December.
At first I found myself getting all fraught as I tried to decide what to do on this one nice day - so many jobs needed tackling outside, eventually I had to take stock and work out what was the  most important jobs to get done.
So the Onions 'Stuttgarter' are now nestled nicely in their beds in the polytunnel and I finally got started on clearing the garden of the dead plant matter - and it was just a start because there's so much of it.
Despite the bad weather there is plant life errupting all over the garden, though there have been some casulaties too and this Fatsia is one of the worst

It's survived the cold but the wind has decimated it. I had this happen to another Fatsia a few years ago and I left it outside thinking it would recover - it didn't, so I dug this one up and put it in the PT where it sits next to its bushy, healthy brother.

A few days ago I was reading another blog where the owner had rather bravely posted the 'less tidy' areas of her garden. At the time I couldn't think of any areas where I had mess other than the area where I dump garden plants that don't get composted (it's actually lovely to look at in the summer as the plants I dumped there to rot away have flourished - sods law), however my eyes were opened to quite a few areas the other day that I think I must have just been blinded to as they're right in view. The pallet area I cannot control just now but this little mess is right on my back garden

Look how pathetic that pond looks! This photo was taken from the upstairs window so you can't actually appreciate how bad and humpy that ground is and the worst of it is that the ground there is clay and stone.
As for the compost bin, words fail me! Even the stacks of turf to the left aren't rotting like I hoped they would, some of them look like they'd be reuseable!
This is supposed to be one of the areas I'm to clear this year as it has to be decked but I know how hard that ground is going to be to level - insert sad face.

On a brighter note I got flowers for Valentines. Usually we don't bother with Valentines as we both see it as a commercialised con and just another day - for 24 years we've been happy not to bother. So I was quite surprised when Mr TG decided to buy me gifts - he buys me flowers sporadically throughout the year anyway but I didn't get him a bean - oops!

Anyone know what the pink flower is as I want to grow some?


  1. If it had smelly leaves it could be an anemone chrysanthemum.

    I wonder whether our messy areas will turn into a thing of beauty?

    I thought I'd get an afternoon in the garden but blue skies keeping turning to rain! Sin and rain how frustrating is that?

  2. My guess is some type of gerbera daisy.

  3. I see Fatsia in gardens down here in Cheshire, never survived in Aberdeen. I also thought that it may be a Gerbera.

  4. My money too is on a gerbera. Here's a link for someone selling hardy perennial versions. Yours is much prettier.

  5. It's a gerber daisy. I'm not sure how well it would do in windy weather. They are low growing plants that form a basal rosette of leaves and send up stalks of brightly colored flowers. My entire garden right now is a dormant brown blob of blah so don't worry about your pond. :o) Perhaps when the weather warms, your compost will break down more.


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