Sunday, 2 February 2014

Polytunnel growing and Dahlia offers

Soggy, soggy, soggy is the theme outside at the moment backed up by gale force winds that have created a fair few hair raising moments of late.
The polytunnel was supposed to be my safe haven that meant I could get outside during wet weather but I have to say that being in a PT while the wind is threatening to lift it 'OZ' style does nothing for the nerves and the only way I can stand it is to put the headphones in and play my Ipod at full blast drowning out the racket.
The PT is looking good and ready for the start of veggie season though

I finally received my Dahlia tubers in the post - yay! I got them from the 'Gardeners world' magazine offer a couple of months ago. They arrived well packaged and labelled

I'm supposed to have 1 of each variety - 6 in total - however I opened one bag up just to check the tuber quality (which seems fine) and I found 3 seperate pieces in the one bag. I'm assuming that all 3 can be planted seperately?? (I have no knowledge of Dahlia).

These are the wonderful Dahlias I should get from these beauties

Dahlia 'Duet'

Dahlia 'Tsuki yori no shisa'

Dahlia 'Lilac time'

Dahlia 'Tropical'

Dahlia 'Colour spectacle'

Dahlia 'Arabian night'

Here's hoping I can actually get these plants to grow.


  1. The dahlias should be OK separately although the small one may not flower as well - if at all this year.

  2. It certainly is rattling out there.
    Not a fan of Dahlias, only because of their allure to earwigs which send me running for the hills. That said, the white frilly one is gorgeous.
    Stay safe in the wind :-)

  3. Phew, glad to see your PT still standing. Dahlias do give a good splash of colour, like your choice. (Three separate bits in the one bag) If two of them are tuber only, with no sign of what had been a growing stem, I will be surprised if they grow. Good luck and I will look to see the results in late Summer, or maybe even earlier...


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