Monday, 27 January 2014

DIY compost and Rose cuttingsDIY compost

I think winter is finally going to show its true colours over the next few days, the weather forecasters are all doom and gloom predicting yet more floods and heavy snow so I don't think there'll be much going on in the garden until spring begins to poke it's head through.
All is not lost though for those of us lucky enough to have some undercover areas such as a greenhouse or a polytunnel to work in.
I sowed Sweetpea the other day, I could never imagine a summer without a continuous supply of this gorgeous flower - so easy to grow and so willing to just keep on blooming. I used seed that I harvested from flowers last year but also threw in a couple of other packets that I bought 2 for £1 in poundstretcher - these cheapie pound shops may be naff when it comes to things such as PVA glue or Sticks like s*** (have experienced both unfortunately) but I've had great results with their seeds and even better results with their bare root plants especially Roses.
I also had another treat from my daughter that works at a local DIY store, it seems 8 Thread Palms were due for the skip and I was offered them first. I have no clue what I am goiong to do with 8 of these

Thread Palm
which apparently could grow to an eventual height and spread of 25m x 2.5m. The description suggests that they are tolerant of salty and windy conditions which they will definitely suffer from here but they need winter protection and that's where the problem will occur once they get to any decent size - I'm not one for going out and fleecing things over in winter but I'm guessing I'm going to have to get used to the notion that it's going to become a necessity.

Another job this week was emptying the compost bays into the polytunnel beds ready for this years veg. I didn't think there would be much of any quality to be honest because I've never really been able to produce much more than dry unrotted stuff or sludge. I got a little bit of decent stuff last year but figured it was a fluke however this year I was happily surprised to find that it was good stuff again.
It may look a bit lumpy but once I'd sifted through it it really was good stuff and I got plenty enough to fill all my PT beds.

DIY compost

Now all I need to so is source some well rotted manure for my flower beds.

I had a go at taking Rose cuttings in December. I honestly never thought they would take but I figured if just one out of each species made it then I'd have at least a few more free Roses for the pergola and the beds.
I checked on them the other day and was quite surprised to see that all but one of them was already showing signs of new life. I know nothing about Rose propagation as this is my first attempt but these little buds have got to be a good sign right? They certainly weren't there when I planted them

Rose cuttings


  1. I look forward to seeing what happens with your roses and the palms!

  2. Lol! Good luck with those Thread Palms...all 8 of them!!


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