Friday, 3 January 2014

Super rats!

The wind is really gusting today so I certainly won't be venturing outside any time soon. Mr TG closed up the polytunnel and the greenhouse yesterday so hopefully they'll stay safe but I always have visions of the tunnel taking to the skies when the wind gets this bad. We positioned it in the most sheltered spot we could that still gave direct sunlight but you never know do you..........

The other day I ventured back into the greenhouse to check out that rat problem, kind of wish I hadn't! I certainly wouldn't want to kill the rat despite Mr TG offering to put poison down (he didn't think what could happen if poisoned rat somehow ended up in one of the bird of prey aviaries - duh) and the thought of catching live also doesn't hold any appeal.
Think I'm going to have to come up with some ingenious method of convincing them they need to go elsewhere cos damn, they're getting a little community going by the looks of things.
I think my super rats are having a party!

Much worse than the last time I went in and I'm getting too scared to go back now lol
I have an image of a colony rats staring up at me ready to take my eyeballs out if I lift those boards up - so wish I could go back to convincing myself it was a mole problem.

Mr TG got me some gardening goodies for Christmas including an entire box full of spring bulbs. I can't plant them out just now because the garden isn't ready so I was going to find a spare piece of veg beds and plant them there temporarily however I've decided to pot them up like all the others so they're ready for planting when I'm ready.

My daughter also bought me this gorgeous chiminea. I think she must have felt sorry for me using my washing machine drum firepit and this new fancy piece of kit is all set up so that I can cook Potatoes and kebabs on it .......... not that I will!
It's going to look fab on my new patio though - once I've convinced Mr TG that he DOES want to lay one for me and that's it's the most important part of the second phase of the garden.

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  1. Could you plant your bulbs in pots to plant out later? It works for me.

    So the rats haven't come face to face with the buzzard yet?

  2. That's exactly what I'm doing with the bulbs, it'll be so much easier than planting them elsewhere.

    Hah, those rats seem to skirt round all the bird of prey aviaries - devious little so and so's. They only need to go a few feet west though and Darla will have them lol. I think they know though, can sense them or something because they always seem to avoid them.

  3. Hope the storm passes and everything stays where it should be! Love the chiminea - great present.

  4. Wow! Great presents..... Hope you're rat free soon!

  5. It looks like your big rats need a big trap. Love the bulbs and chiminea. :o)

  6. Love the chiminea, must get one of those. Mice are bad enough, guess you will have to get really tough regarding those rats.


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