Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Land clearance the easy way!

I'm not sure how much of the rest of the UK is joining me with some lovely mild weather but I'm loving it, yesterday was especially mild and I found myself pottering around out there with nothing more than a sweatshirt - it felt positively free to not have the bulk of 3 coats on top.

Mr TG finally conceded to getting a professional company in to clear the land. It had been difficult at first because the only local company we knew of refused to do it because of our neighbours but Mr TG went to the local source of important info (aka the pub) and found a company that would do it at a great price.
2 days is all it took to clear almost 4 acres of Gorse bush and Marsh grass, it looks a bit messy and bumpy at the moment but they will be back in a couple of weeks to mechanically harrow (or some such thing) the land and then flatten it. I guess we may be able to make use of the 2 new ride on mowers Mr TG bought on impulse after all.

Could there be a horse or two in my future!!

It's so nice to see the land open like this, my only concern being that they removed a heap of stone that acted as wind protection for the poly tunnel so I'm going to have plant alot of Willow trees along the path edge to help filter wind.
It just so happens I have willow aplenty and so yesterday I got myself plenty of cuttings and put them straight into a bucket of water to root. I have about 100 so far but I'm going to take more plus take some weeping willow cuttings.


  1. So will you go in for synchronised grass mowing?

    1. I suspect it may be a fight just to get on one of them Sue. My daughters are both insisting that they should be raced on not used for mowing lol.
      Maybe I will mow some faces into the lawn just to see if Mr TG notices lol.

  2. It must be such a relief to see the land cleared after all the problems it presented you with and planting a willow windbreak will give you lots of whips in the future if you ever fancy taking up basket weaving! I could do with some willow down here for weaving supports and fencing but, as I have a community garden, I'd be in big trouble once it rooted!! Looking forward to seeing what you do with your space - crop circles! I like!


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