Friday, 7 June 2013


Still recovering from pulling my back so I haven't really been able out doing too much.
Those Fuchsia cuttings I took the other day are looking decidedly iffy now and I honestly don't fancy their chances of survival - I have 2 other methods that I am going to try and then I'll give up - unless another method comes to light of course.
I'll be out taking the cuttings tomorrow so I'll fill you in on those methods tomorrow.
Mr TG has put fish in his pond so he's enjoying a daily cuppa while feeding them.
The decking area is actually getting used and it's so nice to sit out there in a morning with a coffee. It's been years since I had a garden that I actually liked and felt proud of and I finally have it - well half of it anyway. This garden is shaping up to be something very special and we're even considering encroaching into the other side of the house thereby adding another half acre.
For today though I will leave you with a couple of photos of the Lilys that will soon be showing themselves in the old pond/mini lake.


  1. It must be good to have the space to encroach on!

    1. You would think so wouldn't you Sue and I am grateful to have so much land, however if you saw the land I speak of you may think twice lol.
      The land to the side was dug out 10 years ago and we had about 3 foot of hardcore laid to create alot of hardstanding. it was a great idea at the time cos we were building a house and needed the access but now I don't know how we're going to turn it back to garden :(
      It'll be worth the effort if we can pull it off though.

  2. Oh....the lilly's are GORGEOUS!!!

    How lucky are you....just like that getting another half acre!!!! Green eyed I am.

    I hope your back gets better soon hun, there's nothing worse than a pulled back.xxxx


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