Saturday, 29 June 2013


My plan today was to finally get a handle on the old veg bed areas round at the greenhouse. I figured I'd simply polythene the 2 large beds and that would stop the need for weeding (thank the lord) and as Mr TG strimmed the entire area I just needed to go tidy it up a bit.
So much for plans right!
Mr TG got a tad too close to the polytunnel with the strimmer and I got a very sheepish
"Erm you may have to just put a bit of repair tape on the tunnel babe"
A little bit of repair tape was an understatement and a slight untruth because repair tape is not going to fix it, it's a flaming hole NOT a cut.
I kept my cool though, no point moaning or shouting he didn't do it on purpose, it was an accident and anyway I do have a whole new roll of the stuff to recover the tunnel. I'll do a patch repair for now but I think the whole thing will need replacing sooner rather than later.
Anyway back to the plan, all was on track until Mr TG informed me he was hitting the most scenic beach in the area with his mate who has just bought a new metal detector - they were going treasure hunting! Seriously, do boys ever outgrow this stuff?
Anyway a trip to the beach sounded more appealing than anything I had planned so off we went. Rain was forecast but the 4 hours we were there (Yep, 4 hours of waving a stick over sand looking for "buried treasure") the weather got warmer and warmer - so nice!

Beautiful Dunnet Beach and not a person in sight.
I spent the time there selectively picking shells, pebbles and driftwood for the garden and I even found a heavy white buoy/float that I'm going to decorate for the garden - kind of like the decorated bowling balls you find all over the net.

The Garden Tiger Moth, so glad I didn't pick it up because apparantly the hairs are an irritant

There were quite a few jellyfish washed up - here's a couple although I'm not sure what they are

So did the boys find their treasure? Noope! They found plenty of coke cans, bottle tops and wire but no buried treasure.

Thought I'd leave you all with my latest bouquet of polytunnel blooms - The first Sunflower of the year, Lily, Carnation & Sweetpea.


  1. A beautiful beach and a lovely bouquet. And no, we never outgrow that stuff.

  2. A much nicer way to spend the day!

  3. How perfect to have such a beautiful beach so close by...sigh. :-)

  4. Fabulous beach - I'd leave the garden chores behind for a stroll on that beach! I love a bit of beachcombing - did you bring back seaweed to mulch the garden? (Might help keep the weeds down!) Gorgeous flowers, so envious of polytunnel owners ... even ones with *tiny* tears ;)

  5. Omg!Yor poor tunnel....sighs....

    What a beautiful beach, just the way I like it....empty of people! I do love that tiger moth, surprised to see it on a beach though.

    We had a metal detector years ago and came up with the exact same stuff!!!

    Oh wow...impressed with the sunflower and sweet peas....mine aren't out yet!xxxx

  6. Fabulous beach and treasures both in the garden and on the beach


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