Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Scaffold board decking and washing machine drums.

The weather here is remaining lovely so gardening has been a pleasant experience, the only problem with that is that I go all out to get as much done as I can including the things that I should probably wait for help from Mr TG. Yesterday was the perfect example - our house is newly built by Mr TG and the outside walls are waiting to be harlinged, in the mean time we have nowhere to sit outside the patio doors because we can't build the decking until the walls are done. Yesterday I had an idea, I'll build a temporary decking/seating area. That won't be hard or take long right?
Nope on both counts.
I needed to get the job done as quickly as I could because I wanted Mr TG to see the finished effect when he got home from work, on account of me 'borrowing' his scaffold boards. Well here's the finished look

It's not brilliant but it fits 2 chairs and means we have access through the patio doors. See that white box to the left? Well that thing is full of soil (wet, I might add) and weighs an absolute ton. No way could I physically move it but I had to to get the scaffold boards down so I had to conjure up some shunting system which worked but took me a good hour or so.
On top of that, the sleepers I needed to use weighed as much as that container and I managed to pull my back while collecting them. I got the job done eventually though and I was so chuffed when Mr TG came home and loved it. That container still needed moving back into place though so I explained to Mr TG it would have to wait till I had some more energy, with that he went over, lifted it and put it in place. Simple as that! My gratefulness was seriously equaled with "WTF" 

A place for our morning tea!  And for me to recover - as a sufferer of fibromyalgia any bursts of energy (usually an effect of my Narcolepsy meds)  are usually followed by extreme fatigue and today I feel as though I've been hit by a bus. Honestly, no energy whatsoever and every bone, muscle and sinew hurts!

Look what Mr TG left on the patio for me

I wanted it for a fire pit since I've seen quite a few on the internet made from washing machine drums. I'll paint it with Black fire place paint because it'll bug me as it loses its shine to fire but now part of me is thinking it would look great as a plant container instead! Think I may have to ask Mr TG to visit the local land fill site and see if he can access some more old machines.

Hope the weather is continuing to shine wherever you are.


  1. It's all coming along beautifully!!! Your patio will be a fab place to have a cuppa and a glass of wine in the evening!! Oh yes!

    Sorry to hear you suffer with fibromyalgia, you do brilliantly despite that! I wish I had half of your energy.xxxx

  2. lol Snowbird. My energy is probably thanks to the Narcolepsy meds and pure determination but I'll be paying for it for the next few days and won't be able to do too much.
    Thank you for liking my impromptu decking :)


  3. Very ingenious of you! Hope your weather is fine so you can enjoy it.

    1. So far so good Lyn, fingers crossed it stays this way :)

  4. You don't do anything by halves do you? Hope that you recovered!

  5. Both you and Mr. TG are great that you can make deck and he can build a house! So neat! And from whatever I can see and understand from the picture, everything looks so perfect and nice :-). happens to me also -- anything I buy for other purposes, I try to use them for gardening :-)


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