Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Growing Asparagus

Until last night I had never eaten Asparagus! I guess it was one of those veggies I just assumed I wouldn't like so never bothered trying it. What have I missed out on - it's amazing, I loved it and I think I'm going to have to have a go at growing it. I know it's not one of the easiest veggies to grow but I really am hooked.

Anyway all is going well at the veggie plot so far, the only annoying thing is that my Broccoli has bolted - lovely flowers though!

The sweetcorn is going great guns

I already have plenty of Courgettes to pick

For the first time ever I have Cucumbers growing on the vine in June (last year all Cucumbers failed)

Even the Tomato plants are full of flower - that's never happened this time of year before, I may get ripe Tomatoes this year for the first time ever!

Strangely the Cabbages in the polytunnel are free from all slug damage but the cauli's appear to be a favourite of them. What's even stranger is that the outdoor Cauli's and Cabbages are also completely slug damage free. The only thing I can think of is it's because the outdoor ones are covered in fleece but I've never heard of that being a slug repellant before.

Indoor Cabbage.

Outdoor Cauli & Cabbage

Now I'm off to find out how to grow that amazing Asparagus.


  1. The joy of a polytunnel! Maybe the slugs too prefer to be somewhere sheltered as you say the fleece surely won't deter slugs!

    I was the same about asparagus but them had some at a friends and found I liked it but we don't grow it!

    Do you waft the corn to pollinate or is your polytunnel open ended.

    1. Once the flowers have appeared Sue I try to make sure both ends of the polytunnel are open for most of the day and I always make sure I plant the corn right near one of the doors for the wind. However I still tend to give the corns a shake most days as well just to make sure!
      I've certainly never heard of fleece having any effect on slugs so I'm really not sure why they're staying clear of the outdoor ones.
      I shall certainly have a go at growing Asparagus - I just hope I have the patience.

  2. Wonderful looking veg, Linda! Am particularly envious of your cabbage as mine look like a lace curtain! I finally succumbed to growing asparagus this year - it's so expensive in the shops that I had to give it a try. The big decision was whether I could spare a bed just for this crop - it really doesn't like sharing. I bought plug plants from Victoriana nursery in Kent, planted them out (eventually) and thought that I'd left it too late as nothing happened. I was on the verge of reclaiming the bed when a few tiny fronds popped through the soil. I don't mind that I can't harvest for a while because I love the look of the ferny growth later in the year, so beautiful. Good luck with yours!

  3. I too have tried Asparagus for the first time this year and found it delicious, especially steamed with butter, salt and black pepper. It grows wild in my sandy soil, but I'm too scared to actually try eating it!!!

    Your veg is a delight, I love how green your cabbages are, they would make a lovely colcannon!!!xxxx


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