Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Oh dear!

Well I've definitely managed to pop a disc in my back, doc reckons recovery time is anywhere up to 6 weeks followed by Physiotherapy - gutted doesn't even begin to cover it.
Mr TG will be able to keep the lawns mowed and the polytunnel and pots well watered but I dread to think what state the weeds will be in by the time I am able to get out there again. I'm trying not to let  the Black dog rear his ugly head but it's going to be a fight - I'm hoping that once I'm able to stand or sit for any length of time I'll be able to at least make some garden signs to keep me occupied, plus I have plenty of crafting to be getting on with. Until then though I'm pretty much stuck laying on my side with secret bouts of walking around - ssshhh!
The hardest thing for me though is that I've been training for a 10k run on the 21st July with my daughter and doc has said I can't do it. I was hoping I would be able to give it a go but my daughter is very sensibly refusing to do it and deep down I know I won't even be able to crawl it - maybe shuffle along on my side lol.

So the garden is having to fend for itself right now.
The last of the Sunflowers was cut last week - I only grew 3 for some reason which is a shame as they look so summery (and we have actually had cold naff windy weather here as opposed to the rest of the uk)

The rest of the completed garden is looking pretty nice too and it was great to hear compliments on it when we had a BBQ last week.
Mr TG reckons the rose support looks like a horse jump so it'll be getting named and a sign made in the near future.

I finished the bit of beach next to Mr TGs pond. The buoy, shells and small bit of driftwood were what I collected during the recent treasure hunt to Dunnet head beach.

Gotta have an old boot filled with plants somewhere on the garden. I love the Blue orbs too.

A bouquet of garden flowers is always going to bring cheer, it's been a whole week since I've picked any though so I guess I may have to try to shuffle out there today.

I won't be able to post as often as I'd like because this typing position is a bit painful but hopefully these new painkillers will kick in soon enough and I'll be back to normal gardening duties.
Have a wonderfully warm and pain free week y'all.


  1. What a blow - I am sorry and hope things progress and improve quickly. You need some warmth and sunshine so you can at least lay in the lawn!

    By the way I love the tree stump in the fourth photo

  2. Ouch as a long term back pain suffer I can totally empathise, just listen to your body and keep popping the pills and you will be back weeding in no time

  3. Oh you POOR thing, I really hope you get better soon, how awfully frustrating!!!

    The garden looks delightful, I do love the old boot and the orbs are gorgeous!xxxx

  4. Oh, no! That must be so frustrating to be laid up for so long. I hope you recover quickly!

    Your garden is gorgeous! I love the new rose structure, and the blue orbs really do give a great pop of color!

  5. I can understand your frustration but your garden will be fine once you are fully mended...take the time to heal....my garden has been fending for itself since spring since I have no time....it is hard though to look at all that must get done. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


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