Thursday, 4 July 2013

Summer growth in the garden

Having given up on making copper snails (for now) I decided to go back to what I know I can produce and made a sign for the garden. I wanted a quirky quote and there were plenty on the tinterweb to choose from.

So easy to make just using an old bit of boarding, garden paint, permanent marker and varnish.
Going to have to make more I think, there are some really funny quotes to be had.

The garden is looking very lush just now and I've had the first Roses of the year flower. This lovely pink one is 'Compassion', I got it back on Mothers day and it really does have the mosr gorgeous scent.

The Sea Holly is about to burst into colour

I am particularly chuffed with this Clematis. It's about 7 years old but I planted it in the most unsuitable place you could imagine so it never grew and last year showed no signs of life whatsoever. I dug it up this spring and planted it in a container figuring it either died or survived and it now has the first flower it has ever produced - Clematis 'Mrs N Thompson'.

This Weigela never fails to produce a mass of flowers, I've even managed to propagate this one (don't know it's variety name) and my propagation success is pretty abysmal at the best of times.

These Tree Lupins are so easy to grow, these ones are some I grew from seed last autumn, they may not be as spectacularly colourful as normal Lupin but they produce a mass of flowers.

These Dicentra are 2 more plants that were on a 'final chance' warning. I've had them about 4 years and they have never amounted to much more than tattered, small messes. I moved them into more fertile soil that is more protected from the winds and both plants are now huge and producing those gorgeous flowers.

Finally the first flag iris of the year has also made an appearance. The garden is full of flag iris so I'm expecting a riot of colour pretty soon.


  1. Is the weigela variegated - if so it is Florida variegata - we have that one and like you I took cuttings so now I have two in the garden, one on the plot and my sister has one too.

    A quote I saw that I liked was Weeds for Sale - Pick your Own!

    1. I saw that one too Sue, I also saw 'Grow your own dope - plant a man' and 'Sod mowing the grass, let's smoke it' lol.

      The Weigela isn't variegated - unfortunately!

  2. Love the

    Great photos, that Clematis is a gorgeous colour.
    Julie :o)

  3. Lovely blooms and a brilliant sign from a clever gardener


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