Friday, 26 July 2013

Blooming bliss!

I feel so bad not having regular posts to update my gardening blog but the end is now in sight, I've been a good patient and rested as much as boredom will allow and I think I'm on the mend.
I still can't get out and do the much needed weeding and I fear that some areas of the land have just gotten too much of a hold for me to be able to get a handle on again for months but I'm not panicking about it - just to be able to get out in the garden and build something again is going to be bliss. I think one of the main downsides of having so much rest time on my hands is that I've increased my garden project list which was drastically unrealistic in the first place.
Anyway I'm now managing to water the plants in the polytunnel and dead head anything that doesn't require bending and I've also started walking with the dogs again so I definitely think that once this rain has stopped I'll be able to get out and mow the lawns myself.

Today I was determined to get a little exercise in the garden so decided to ignore the rain and take some photos of what has been growing in my absence.

I'm amazed with the Lily's everytime I see them because I never thought they would flourish so well or even survive the winter here out doors, just as my polytunnel ones are finishing I have these ones coming into bloom.

This Hebe is at least 10 years old and is in quite an exposed area of the garden, it still produces masses of Purple flowers twice a year though and is currently about 13ft high by about 25 ft round - I love it! I've just managed to grab a cutting of a White variety of Hebe so I'm hoping the cutting will take.

This is a hardy Fuchsia that I grew from a cutting of a wild plant about 3 years ago, I haven't a clue what variety it is but it's smothered in flowers and is currently about 4ft tall - out of the hundreds of Fuchsia cuttings I took earlier this year this variety is one of the few that I've managed to get to root.

Honeysuckle of unknown variety.

Hosta 'Francee'.

This Rose is about 8 years old and I planted it back in a time when I never bothered to keep a record of names. I could kick myself now as I would love to know what this one is.
I'm no Rose specialist and can never tell a bush from a Floribunda but this is one big specimen and produces masses of these gorgeous scented white flowers. The only downside to this particular rose is that one heavy rain shower will damage the blooms and they rot - until then though it looks spectacular.

This is the first Rosemary I've ever owned and I got it from my mum when she moved to a smaller place. It's full of flower but doesn't have much of a scent at the moment as it's not warm enough despite being against a south facing wall.

This is the first time I've ever grown African Marigolds and I'm glad I did as they've added a real boost of colour to what is otherwise a very green border. I'll save seed from these and grow even more next year - I love the waxy look they have.

Olearia 'Macrodonta' self seeds so easily and I have small seedlings popping up all over in the surrounding gravel. A nice alternative to slow growing Holly?

This unknown rose is currently one of my favourites. My daughter bought it for me back on Mothers day this year and after it had finished flowering I figured (for some unknown stupid reason) that once it had finished flowering it was 'done' and was destined for the compost heap - I know, I know!
It made it to the polytunnel ready for the heap but then I noticed new shoots growing and finally my sensible head spoke up and said "It's a rose, of course it will flower again" - Duh!!
I repotted it and put it on the decking ....ok scaffold boards.... and a few months later it's in full bloom again.

I'll be starting on the second half of the garden pretty soon. There's alot of hard landscaping to do but I can't wait to get really stuck in, I'll have to continue sharing it with the dogs for now because the digger is still out of action but I have so many projects in my head that I need areas completed so that I can build my creations.
Oh and total excitement - hubby bought a friends broken washing machine home to take to the landfill with some of our stuff, guess what I talked him into doing for me .... yup I'll have another firepit pretty soon.

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  1. That's a really unusual rosemary - I've never seen that colour before. You're doing well to keep the hebe going. We used to have lots at the front of the house but they eventually gave in to the conditions here. That and our neighbour's activities. Also I see your dicentra is still flowering ours is long over.

    1. I know what you mean Sue, Rosemary is usually Bluey/purple isn't it? Not sure what this variety is called but I'll ask my mum next time I ring - unless of course it isn't actually Rosemary! It certainly smells like it is!
      The Dicentra flowered late sue but it's probably due to how far north we are - in fact it's the first time since I got it that it's flowered at all, it needed more shelter.

  2. So glad to see those fuchsia cuttings have taken hold...and so much blooming....I especially love marigolds and the colors of yours are so bold....hopefully all this bloom will help you feel so much better.

  3. That rosemary works both as an herb and as a decorative plant. It is beautiful, just like all your garden. I am envious of your Hebe. There is no way we could grow this here.


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