Monday, 8 July 2013

Tenacious but lazy!

I could kick myself!
Today I was sorting out the polytunnel and admiring my lovely Fucshia all ready to burst into flower. I've had these 2 fuchsia - 'Paula Jane' - for about 7 years and every year without fail they grow into healthy well shaped plants filled with flowers right up until winter. I love these Fuchsia because they flower so prolifically with only minimal upkeep from me (which happens to be nothing more than regular water, feeding when I remember, a winter prune and winter protection) so today I decided that rather than hide them away in my polytunnel I'd take them to the patio so everyone can enjoy them. Aren't I nice!
Anyway I may be a tenacious gardener but I can also be a lazy gardener and had decided at this particular point that there was no point making 2 trips with the barrow (I had loads to take to the patio) when I could cram it all into one trip. So I loaded that barrow to the gunnels putting my precious Fuchsia cargo at the front - you know what's coming don't you? Heck even I knew what was going to happen but still risked it.
Yup, I hit a stone and the Fucshia container went arse over tit (scuse the language), hit the deck and landed plants down.. Poop, poop, poop and pooping poopy!
My own stupid fault I know. I should never have risked it, the Fuchsia is still in softwood state and I must have stood there poop pooping for a good 20 seconds before I dared turn it over.
Even then I spent another good 20 seconds contemplating putting the thing back onto the barrow and risking it again! Seriously, do I never learn.
I didn't though I came back for the precious Fucshia which of course was well damaged, took it to the patio and lamely tried to convince the broken stems that they wanted to live, eventually I had to accept that the broken stems had to be cut back and the sooner I did it the sooner the plant would recover.

My precious Fuchsia - one side took more of the brunt than the other but it's certainly lost its shape, these 2 plants were uniformly shaped, very bushy and full of flower :(

I also happened to notice today that the Gunnera I planted near the pond a couple of years ago seems to really like its home

And lookie, my first Cauliflower of the year (and for several years come to think of it), I must watch it carefully. How do I know when these things are ready? I left my last ones too long and they bolted hence why I gave up!

Apples galore!

The Sweetcorn has already hit the roof of the polytunnel and is flowering, now I just have to make sure I shake the tassels a few times a day because the wind appears to have done a runner!

My sister is coming for a few days on Wednesday, she came up last year at the same time so I'm hoping she'll notice a huge difference in the garden. I wonder if non gardeners actually notice these things though?

Mind you if I put a bouquet of flowers like this in her room then maybe she'll take an interest? Either that or cause hayfever!

Hope the weather is as good for you as it has been here. I've actually been glad of the sea breeze the last couple of days - never thought I'd say that.


  1. It's been lovely here too Linda and I feel your pain over the fuchsia!

  2. Wow, can't believe that you have sunflowers and mile high corn already! Your apples are looking good as well as the dianthus. With your cauli, it looks good enough to eat right now from your photo. I grew perennial caulis a couple of years back (they weren't hardy enough to survive a tough winter); they went from creamy white florets to yellow very quickly (I did catch some of them in time) but, if yours does bolt, eat the tender stems as with PSB, equally delicious!

  3. Oh your POOR Fucshia.....they do still look good though! I have to admit I often take the lazy man's load, with similar results!!!

    Crikey...those sweetcorn look like an invasion of the triffids!!!!

    What a delightful cauli, I'd pick it looks perfect!!

    A lovely posy!xxxx

  4. I'd definitely pick that cauli tout suite. Oh your poor old fuschias we all do these spur of the moment things that we sometimes regret - I am sure it will pick up eventually.

  5. You are too funny! The wheelbarrow problem sounds like something I'd do, too. At least you could save most of the fuschias. :o)

  6. I am envious of this cauliflower! Because we go from very cold to very hot within a week or two in spring, they are very difficult to grow here. Still, very good gardeners manage to grow them. Unfortunately, I am not of that number!

  7. Beautiful flowers, I'm sure your sister will notice. I felt your frustration with your fuchsia, still looking good though :) xx

  8. 2 days respite from the hot, humid tropical weather and it is back for another week...I have become a lazy gardener in this humidity and heat.


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