Sunday, 21 July 2013

"Help" with the gardening.

You would think it would be really nice to be able to sit and relax in the garden that you have spent months creating wouldn't you? Problem is it's really hard to just sit there and ignore the ever growing weeds, normally I'd spend 10 minutes sitting and then be up dead heading flowers or pulling up weeds - but I can't and it's really hard to sit and not look at the weeds.
I'm trying to recover from this slipped disc the best way I can and I'm trying not to get down about all the stuff I can't do and in fact the Black Dog has not growled even once, but boredom is setting in now.
I can finally walk around out there and I've managed to dead head the taller roses and cut some of the cut flowers in the polytunnel but that's pretty much it. Oh I did go round the garden and draw the annual plant guide though - I do this every year at this time of year so that when winter comes I know what is growing where and what needs moving or replacing, so at least I managed something productive.

Mr TG nicely agreed to help me weed around the veggies as they were in danger of being smothered out. He was supposed to wait for me to supervise but he got up early today and headed out before I knew it. At first glance all seemed to be good, he'd got rid of the Broccoli that had bolted and most of the weeds in between the Leeks but then I noticed a huge bare patch - he'd pulled out every single Parsnip!

Here's the before picture

and after Mr TG pulled out every Parsnip!

He's forgiven though because his heart was in the right place and it's our 23rd wedding anniversary today lol.
The Swede will soon be ready for picking though

And I'm well chuffed with the size of Tomatoes growing - fingers crossed they ripen despite the lack of sun here

I'm not so chuffed with the Carrots this year, I don't usually have a problem growing Carrots but they just do not want to take this year. It's a new bed though and the soil is nowhere near as good as the old bed so I will have to work on it through the winter

I checked on that Comfrey tea I've been stewing for the past month or so. It's definitely ready for sieving and bucketing up but I can't ask Mr TG to do it because it smells so bad - hmmmmm, or can I! It could be penance for the Parsnip destruction that incidentally he is very blase about and amused by.
Yup, I'm gonna ask Mr TG to sieve this

I'm now going to catch up on what all you guys have been up to, it's been a while since I've been able to sit in a position comfortable enough to do that for any length of time.
Hope it's been a good season for you all.


  1. PAH! What is it with our Mr TGs? I caught mine last week trying to replant my red onions....he'd pulled them up thinking they were our spring onions (despite the clear label!!) I think Comfrey sieving fits the crime. :-)

    1. That seriously made me laugh Jane lol.

  2. I know what you mean about weeds. When we rent a cottage for holidays I have to restrain myself form pulling out weeds in the garden and its not even mine!

    Sorry about the parsnips you really took that well. AS for the carrots we dig a shallow trench and fill it with multi-purpose compost and start the carrots in that. We then just need to make sure the compost doesn't dry out and the slugs don't move in!

    1. I think I'm going to try that carrot method next year sue, this years crop is terrible.
      I would never have thought of that so thank you for sharing.

  3. Oh I get how frustrating it is not being able to crack on with things, a few years ago I had a punctured lung and couldn't do much for months.....

    Try to enjoy it, a few weeds don't matter.....BUT....I'd deffo Mr TG on comfrey straining.....oh yes!!!!

    Happy anniversary hun.xxxx

    1. A punctured lung? Blimey that must have been painful and an awful time for you.
      Mr TG has agreed to strain the comfrey but funnily enough he hasn't done it yet lol

  4. Work prevents me from working in the garden weeding, deadheading etc...nothing worse than being laid up and watching the weeds grow. Hurt my knee last year so no real gardening for me for a year.

    Take the time to heal so you will be well to play in the garden again...husbands are good for help but it does have to be supervised...


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