Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Garden destruction and a secret club

A whole month since my last post :(  But it's no wonder because I haven't done anything in the garden to post about.
Mr TG has been harling the exterior of the house so literally half of my flower beds and my entire patio/decking area has suffered - it looked so pretty last year too.
The walls are almost finished so I will soon be able to get stuck in and renovate before winter sets in and I'm sure most of the damaged / trampled plants will recover next spring.

Even the Adirondack chairs I made were utilised as scaffold stackers.

I'm not worried though, all will come right next year :)

Now, I found an amazing little garden club called 'The secret gardening club', I'm not sure how many of you are aware of it but I came across it and I have to say it's brilliant.
Once a month a plant business in Yorkshire offers plants at very low prices while they are available and the postage is free - even to the Highlands of Scotland which is most unusual.
I bought 6 plants last month - 3x yellow crocosmia and 3x grasses and I have to say the packaging was absolutely brilliant. I expected below par packaging due to the cheap cost of the plants (I paid under a fiver for all the plants and don't forget free postage) but nope, the packaging was actually the best I have ever recieved.
As for the plants themselves - well I was expecting small plug plants to be honest but what arrived was astounding - all the plants were full and a good height and exceptionally healthy.
So, if you want to see what is available head over to the secret gardening club and register for free, you will then recieve a link to this months offers.
If you choose to you can become a premium member which you subscribe to each month. I chose to this month and it cost me £1 though I'm not sure if that was an offer or not. The bonus to becoming a premium member is that you get offers weekly instead of monthly, you get alot more offers and you also get other  garden related offers all with an extra 10% off. This week there are 21 premium offers and ALL include free delivery :)