Saturday, 12 December 2015

Birds, birds, birds

I do not have the patience to photograph birds!
I deliberately placed a feeding station outside the living room window so that I could watch the birds and see what comes and goes, usually I forget to even bother until I happen to pass the window and see a blur of colour as a bird flies off.
Yesterday though I thought I'd drag up a chair and hide behind the curtain and see what happens along. How boring???
The Blue tits are brilliant because they're not at all shy and couldn't care less how much movement I make nor do the Robins but the Finches are so ridiculously skittish I had to hide behind the curtain and just point and shoot while guessing where they were.
It kind of worked and I was really pleased to see the greenfinches have returned to the peanut feeder this year.

This pic was taken a couple of weeks ago.

I'm not entirely sure what this finch is. It has the same wing colouring but is brown rather than green - maybe a female or a youngster?