Friday, 19 April 2013

A....erm....pallet wood monstrosity.....

Today I built the perfect example of everything Mr TG hates and loathes about a DIYer getting their mitts on pallets - the pallet fence!
I hear your cries that pallets make excellent fencing and I myself agree, however NOT the way I built one.
I'm not the most patient of people I'll admit and as I often say I don't work from a plan either so alot of my projects are doomed from the start. However I had put a little thought into this one, well as far as deciding what I was going to make the fence with anyway, the fact that I didn't have anywhere near enough windbreak netting put plan a in the bin.
Plan b came to me as I was scouring around looking for suitable fencing materials. My eagle eyes settled on Mr TGs quicklock scaffolding, well he has plenty of it so I figured he wouldn't miss what I needed. Problem was how was I going to secure the scaffold panel to the ground because a) I couldn't be bothered with hammering stakes into the ground b) I didn't have any stakes less than 9ft anyways and c) this thing is supposed to be temporary (well it's now definitely gonna be that cos one wind will probably take this thing down).
I finally decided to hammer the legs of each panel into the ground - cool huh! With that done I sat back and looked at my new fencing and realised two things a) The fencing was now so low that the Great Dane could easily step over it and b) the height didn't matter because the dogs could get through the gaps in the panel anyway.
See, this is what happens when you don't plan Linda!
Next brainwave should have been to take it all down and forget it but no, not me, I stick pallets in front of it instead and as if that wasn't bad enough I tied the pallets to the scaffold with bright blue twine.
This is so not what I had in mind but here is the finished disaster result

How not to make a pallet wood fence

Atrocious isn't it. I so didn't have this in mind when we decided to start landscaping the garden.
And all because these boys keep demolishing my garden and plants. Going to have to have a permanent area sorted for them soon though because we need to be landscaping the half of the garden they're now banished to. Would you believe these guys have 4 acres they can destroy other than my garden........

Atlas & Huntly, the reason my garden is a mess and now sports a naff fence.

As if the front view wasn't bad enough here's the back view and what I have the pleasure of seeing whenever I work out there

Oh the shame!

I'm hoping that Mr TG will either hate it or take pity on me and help me sort something else out because I just cannot work with that lol.

On another note, I inspected the veg beds and garden beds round at the polytunnel today and one of the first things popping through is this

Garden thug - Horsetail

Grrrrrrrrr! Blinkin Horse tail. This stuff is the bane of my life round the polytunnel area because the ground is boggy near the pond and this stuff thrives there. I have never come across such a rampant, tenacious impossible to kill weed in all my life. I could ignore it if it stuck tot he pond edges but it comes up through the veg beds, the flower beds and even in the polytunnel.
I hate this stuff!


  1. That made me smile as it is something like the sort of thing my dad used to build!

    1. Hubby keeps taking the micky Sue, even offered to sort out various coloured paint tins and a brush so that I could paint it rainbow colours. He hasn't mentioned replacing it yet either lol.


  2. Now listen me dear gal....don't look at the fence, just look at those MAGNIFICENT dogs and fab chickens instead. They are stunners!!!

    Horse tail, oh the bane of my life as well, it's sprouting everywhere and is indestructible!!! Have a lovely weekend, hopefully you'll have some golden rays.xxxxx

    1. They are stunning aren't they snowbird, thank you for making me see things more positively :)
      If you ever find a sure fire way of destroying that Horse tail please let me know!
      Hope you have a great weekend too :D


  3. oh you have mentioned my nemesis ...I hate horsetail as it is impossible to get rid of here as takes over in spring even in my raised beds...

    1. I checked my polytunnel beds ready for planting today and the darned stuff has come up everywhere. Grrrr. I'm going to have to keep on top of clearing it.
      I hope you manage to contain it too Donna.


  4. know those vertical gardens that people are growing in pallets all over pinterest would make that pallet fence look spectacular, and maybe even hide that blue twine!


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