Monday, 8 April 2013

Honesty. Do you really wanna hear it?

I like to think that I want honesty from every person I have in my life but today I kind of wavered and figured maybe I'd like to hear a little white lie.
You see I've been pottering away in my garden for a while now, I've laid many sleepers for edging, carted heaps of soil from acres away, built stone walls, built a shed - you get the picture right? Well I've had this niggle in the back of my head for ages now because my idea of the perfect garden is an enclosed space, full to the brim with flowers, curved beds and garden rooms rather than one huge expanse. What I have in reality are straight lines, odd planting and one huge expanse where you can stand in one spot and see the entire garden.
So today just as I was about to pick axe away at some solid ground to install another sleeper (I make things up as I go along don't forget) I stopped and asked Mr TG
"Do you think the garden is boring?"  What a stupid thing to ask and I knew where it was going to lead.
"Do you want the truth?" enquires Mr TG.
"Errrrm.... yes" says I.
"Then Yes it is boring. Very"
Well I did ask didn't I!  We then entered into a veeeeeery long discussion about everything that is wrong with the garden and basically Mr TG knew it wasn't what I would consider an ideal garden. He then had the idea to go indoors and draw our plans out (because they differed immensely) and I have to say I was very reluctant to do that because LINDA DOESN'T DO PLANS, but I went along with it anyways.
The end result was that I was seriously concerned about Mr TG's sanity! Seriously his plan - while spotted with good ideas - resembled the aerial view of a theme park. Bless him he even made plant suggestions, none of them would have a hope in hells chance of surviving here but he did make suggestions.
Anyway the final outcome is that I was so worried that Mr TG would begin to implement his theme park plan that I have my own plan down on paper and I ain't deviating from it .......  well ok maybe a few deviations as I go along.

So Mr TG has been encouraged to return to his area of expertise - the ploughing. Sounds awful doesn't it but I don't mean it to. If it wasn't for his determination and strength (despite of or in spite of his COPD) the land would never get done and we wouldn't be looking forward to an expanse of grass as we drive down the lane

This work is very time consuming. First Mr TG has to strim or mow the grass (he ran out of gas for the blow torch - thankfully) then rake it, then mow it again, then rake it, then rotovate it, then remove big lumps/stones/roots, rotovate it again and again, rake it level and then finally flatten it.

This is the adapted roller he uses

Believe me that thing weighs an absolute fricking tonne and Mr TG drags that over every inch of the land he's cultivated.

Once it's all finished ( he has to go to the tree line) we'll grass seed it and hopefully - fingers crossed - we'll have an area that we can keep looking neat with a lawn mower.


  1. Oh dear, I know that feeling - I've done all this work but it's not the way I want it! Even though you hate plans, if you follow yours, you should at least be able to see the way things should go to make you more satisfied with the garden. (And if you have a plan, it's way more fun to deviate from it in a moment of inspiration!)Looking forward to seeing the way things develop from here. And Mr TG is a hero!

    1. I'm going to try to stick to the plan Lyn. - ish, lol.

      Thank you for popping by


  2. Your ideal sounds like mine - so where is this plan of your then and Mr TGs so we can compare?

    1. Oh dear lord Sue, they're too embarrassing, honestly they are. I did threaten Mr TG that i would put them up on here and I couldn't print what he said in response lol.
      I will get some photos of them and perhaps I'll be brave enough to put them on.

      Thanks for commenting



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