Monday, 1 April 2013

Blah, blah, blah.....

Do you ever have one of those Blah days in the garden? You have a list of jobs that need doing but you just feel Blah? You need to move plants but....Blah?  Paint something.......Blah? Build something...Blah?
Well that was me today, blah, blah blinkin blah!
Don't get me wrong I got stuff done but to be perfectly honest I couldn't have given two hoots about whether the job was done properly - I get those Blah days every so often and I guess they're the days when I should just sit and enjoy the garden (if it were warm enough of course, oh and if the plants were actually growing of course).
Last night Mr TG dug out a rather thuggish grass that was making itself known around all my other plants and had even taken to mingling with my garden grass - gasp, I hardly have any decent grass left after the dogs have mullered it so no way was I giving it up for this invasive, rude species of unknown name (though I suspect it is ribbon grass)
So today I had the wonderful task of digging out all the roots I possibly could so I could reset the area back to proper grass.

All cleared. It's a bigger area than it looks.

Then I had to relocate a Rhododendron from the same area to another area of the garden. This poor Rhodi has taken a battering from the variegated thug grass and an even bigger battering from me as I prized all the grass roots out from the roots of the Rhodi. I don't hold out much hope of said Rhodi surviving but whatever .... blah!

Rhododendron 'Cunninghams White'.

Yes, I really did re-plant it at the front of a freaking border - where was my mind!  I actually thought this was a smaller type of Rhodi but having looked at 'RHS plant selector' I see it's going to possibly grow to about 2 metres - great. Looks like I'm potting the thing in a bucket tomorrow - grrrrrrr!

On a less blah note, I pricked out my first batch of veggie seedlings and got them into small pots ready to grow on

In all honesty I was a bit premature with this batch of pricking out, they could have waited a little longer but what the heck, they'll be fine. The first few pots had Perlite put on top but I got in a mess doing it and gave up - blah!

I do have casualties though. My sweetcorn - Incredible F1 - aren't going to survive.

They're really not as pale and bleached as they look, it was the cameras fault but still they're not going to make it plus I only had about 50% success rate with what took anyway.
I've always had 100% success rate with sweetcorn so I don't know why getting a heated propagator this year made me do things differently and sow them too early with heat - won't be doing that again!
I've sown more Sweetcorn Incredible F1 today (which is the time of year I normally do it) and am growing them in the polytunnel without heat.

The best part is that my 2 new raised beds we built last Autumn are now ready for their veggies. The soil in this is pretty darned fluffy and I'm quite pleased with the quality of it. It's entirely top soil and as I haven't managed to get them manured on time I'll scatter some Blood, fish and bone a couple of weeks before we plant anything out

Those beds are alot deeper than they look too because we dug out about 2ft of soil before filling them in. Can't wait to see what they look like on 6 months time.

Any of you had or have a 'Blah' day??


  1. We still are holding off sowing seeds.
    We'll need summer to go on a little longer. Hope the rhododendron survives - I guess it will be well watered so that will help!

    1. Well watered Sue but I'm going to have to get it back out tomorrow anyway,it's way too big to go there :(
      I did get a little eager with the seed sowing, least my Toms arestill going strong though- fingers crossed.



  2. I can't feel to blah just yet, I'm too happy about being able to just get out and work in the garden.

    1. As should I have been, instead of moaning about feeling Blah. I'm glad you're able to get out there and get stuck in, it does feel good doesn't it :)


  3. You bet as I have yet to get into the garden at all....the weather has been awful so I cannot garden and it is I will be rushing again to try and get everything done.

    1. Blimey. I guess it's easy to forget that others are still battling to even get out there and start something. I hope it clears up for you soon Donna.
      Thanks for stopping by



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