Monday, 5 August 2013

Beechers Brook & those Fuchsias.

I finally got around to making the sign for the trellis I made earlier in the year for a climbing Rose - I made the trellis from an old metal bed frame and wooden upright supports and Mr TG commented that it looked like a horse jump so the name 'Beechers brook' has stuck ever since. I'm not entirely sure why I didn't change it though because a) it looks nothing like Beechers brook, more a showjumping upright and b) I loathe the Grand National and every barbaric jump on its course so why would I hang the name in my lovely garden!

Anyway here's the sign made from a old piece of wood sanded down, painted 'Cuprinol' Stone, sanded again for a weathered look and varnished.

I decided to make a hook for it too because I thought a nail would look a bit naff and boring so I used a trowel that Mr TG bought me from the pound shop and which kept falling apart and bending from first use (get what you pay for).
It had a rubber pink handle so I removed that and replaced it with Sisal rope and then set about bending the trowel base in to a hook

Here it is holding the awfully named sign

Mr TG was very pleased to find this Lily flowering on his pond. We moved it from the main pond a couple of months ago and to be honest I never thought it would establish quick enough to actually flower this year, shows what I know

And look what is growing in the polytunnel. Out of about 100 Fuchsia cuttings I have approx 8 that are thriving, though I did forget to label them because I didn't think it was worth it as I assumed they'd all die as per normal. I'm quite good at recognising leaf shape though so I should be able to ID them, if not the flowers will be a dead give away.

The weather looks set fine for today, in fact my daughter and I have just been out for a run and it felt really hot (I say 'run' but as it's my first time out since slipping a disc it was more of a walk spattered with jogs).
I've made a start on the potting bench so I'll get some more of that done today. I really need to get some more seeds sown for the veg garden and salad sown for the PT but it's just going to be too hot in there today so it may have to wait until tonight, plus it's the time of year when I take loads of cuttings from my favourite shrubs.

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are!


  1. Well done on the success with your fuchsia cuttings. I'm another Grand National hater!

  2. I love the water lily and the sigh looks good, great how you used the trowel!!!xxxx


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