Saturday, 17 August 2013

Too much veggies

It's the time of year when i find out what I've grown too much and too little of in the veggie department.
I'm now having to give Sweetcorn away on top of Cucumbers and loads of hens eggs, yet the Courgettes aren't producing much and the Tomatoes aren't ripening very well - I've had 2!

After last years abysmal crop of Cucumbers I'm obviously rather pleased with good numbers this year but I'm finding it hard to crop at just the right time - I seem to either get them too early and they're not very juicy or too late when they're juicy but also seedy and with very coarse skin.

The outdoor veggies are not doing so well, the beds have been taken over by Horsetail so need a good weed. The only veggies that I think will survive will be the Swede and the Leeks, I've really let the outside go since slipping a disc and haven't managed to get back on top of it. I should also be sowing winter veg soon but I just can't find the oomph to do it - all the necessary jobs are stacking back up and it's making me not want to go out there.

Mr TG knows how to cheer me up though, look what he bought me home last week

We use one of the humongous ones of these as a table on the patio and Mr TG would have liked this to be a garden stool as it's the perfect height for sitting on. Originally I agreed with the idea but then I decided I wanted to turn it into a coffee table for a lamp I made, now though I want to pad the top and cover with fabric to make a stool for when I build a new telephone stand for the front room.
What do you think - stool or coffee table?
Here are the scrapwood lamps I made

And just to thrill me further look what else Mr TG bought me

Is it sad that I am more thrilled with a couple of boxes of screws as a gift than I would be of flowers?

The garden is blooming this time of year, won't be long before Autumn hits us so it's nice to capture daily images to keep me going throughout the winter months.


  1. When I saw it I immediately thought stool. If you found another one it would be great to match them up to the patio table with a padded cushion in some waterproof material of one that could be tied on and brought in when not in use.

  2. I am always amazed at how you can make things, you really are talented.

    I'm in agreement with Sue.xxxx

  3. Your talents are many...and the flowers are blooming in such lovely waves.


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