Monday, 26 August 2013

Tomato blight and Pear problems

I think I'm going to have to destroy what is left of my Tomato plants because I think they have blight. It's not the first time this has happened, in fact it's happened a few times before, I'm just not 100% sure that it is actually blight they suffer from because they're in a polytunnel.
Are there any other blight sufferers out there who can confirm one way or the other?

The plants are covered in those brown areas and most of the foliage has now died back. The fruits still on the plants don't seem to be affected yet but that's just a matter of time.

I also have other disasters in the polytunnel - the Victoria plum tree has lost most of its leaves after they turned yellow and the very top branches are dying back too. On closer inspection it's infested with the dreaded Red Spidermite so we've had to remove it from the polytunnel. In the future it will over winter in the tunnel but will spend the summer outside.
The Bramley apple tree is suffering a little too. I positioned it next to the sweetcorn and the sweetcorn pollen has left a mess all over the leaves and fruit, the wasps have taken residence in the fruit.
I'll be more on the ball next year, will thin the fruit better and will reposition it.

This Pear tree is a annoying me now though. I posted earlier in the year the problems I was having with it and it was suggested it may have Pear scab. I left the fruit on it just to see what would happen and all of them are suffering from the same ailment, they're not rotting but the skins have gone scaly and split - is this a result of Pear scab?


  1. Oh dear - problems all round. We have no blight here - yet- but that does look like it - we have managed to have it in the greenhouse in previous years.

    Our plums are just being harvested now and some have plum moth maggots in them for the first time ever. Not a good find so we are cutting all plums in half before eating. Even then when I found one yesterday I launched the fruit and maggot into orbit!!!

    The pear problem does look like scab. Try this website as it may help.

  2. How annoying for you. Sorry I can't offer advice though. Hope you get to the bottom of it!


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