Saturday, 24 August 2013

Roses make a garden

I have a "thing" about Roses, I love them! To me there is no garden plant more perfect and it is the one plant I would never give up growing. I'll admit It can be quite a let down to shove your nose in the most exquisite, beautifully formed bloom to find there is no scent but still it's a let down you soon recover from.
I have added a few new Roses to the borders this year and to be honest I hadn't expected to get much in the way of blooms this year - even now I underestimate the Rose - so I have been pleasantly surprised by the show they're putting on right now.

I've already posted images of climber 'Compassion', it's still flowering as vigorously as it was weeks ago and showing no signs of bud formation slowing down. The scent is gorgeous and until recently was my favourite in the garden.

This next rose has a definite Blue hue to it. I cannot remember the name of it offhand as a few of them got mixed up untagged before planting but luckily I recorded descriptions of each one alongside names so it won't take me long to figure it out.
This Blueish rose is my new favourite for scent, it smells like sherbert (or what you imagine Sherbert to smell like) and really is gorgeous.

This next Rose is another new one for me, it's name is 'Nostalgia' and the two tone Raspberry and Banana colours certainly make up for any lack of scent.

I have had this next rose 'Faithfull' for a couple of years now, it flowers well but lacks any scent and the blooms are easily  ruined by rain. Gorgeous non the less though.

This next rose - unknown name - is long lived and would be a favourite if it wasn't so easily ruined by rain. For some reason it seems to time it's peak flowering time with a monsoon so we never get to see it in all its glory for more than a few days.

I have loads more Roses but the above are definitely my favourites right now - next year I intend to add several more climbing Roses to the next area of garden to be renovated. I'm going to mix climbing roses with honeysuckle as both are hardy in this climate and I need to cover parts of the bird aviaries quickly.

But look what else is flowering in the garden. This Verbena is growing amazingly well, Mr TG doesn't like it he says it looks like a weed but personally I think it looks quite sweet.

And look how cute this is. I spotted this Seaholly misshape and just had to share it - it's a heart!

Finally this Scabiosa is a new one for me. I grew it for cutting but I've never cut it.

On a different note I got around to building that potting bench. Once it's in situ I'll get some piccies but let's just warn ya, it ain't quite what I had in mind.


  1. I agree with you I like the verbena and am encouraging it to dot about in the front garden bed. Love the heart shaped sea holly.

    Do you grow any single roses? I have some single scented shrub roses on the edge of our plot and people often stop to sniff them as they walk past. Unfortunately though they are black spot magnets!

  2. I don't have single roses on the garden Sue but that's not really by design it's just that I buy whatever is cheap (usually from the pound shop) and these are what they have. we have loads of Rosa Rugosa at the top of our lane though and I have been tempted to take cuttings from them but I'm not so good with cuttings and don't really know how to start.
    I am hoping to learn the art of Rose cutting this year though as I want to propagate all I have.
    the Nostalgia rose I have is slightly spotted with Black spot so I will have to get on top of that.


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