Saturday, 19 October 2013

Colour in the Autumn garden

Oh dear! Mother Nature appears to have decided that we've had enough pleasant, windless, summer like days here in Caithness and blessed us with cold, rainy wind instead, the poor fruit trees in the more exposed areas of the garden are having their branches whipped round so hard I'm sure they're going to snap off!
I still can't get out and do much at the moment but I get my gardening fix by watching 'Gardeners World' and 'Beechgrove Garden' (I must go and grab some of the Rosa Rugosa hips from the top of the lane later)  and I'm still managing to get out and take piccies of whatever I can find that's still flowering in the gardens - I have to say it yet again that I'm astounded by the Fuchsia this year, they're still flowering away.


Unknown variety rescued from skip. Appears to have 2 different colours on the same plant.

Gorgeous blousy flowers.

Fuchsia & pinks all grown from cuttings this year and a lovely Purple Shamrock that I haven't positioned yet.

This has got to be the friendliest Robin I've ever come across. They've always been inquisitive but this one just followed me all over the polytunnel yesterday.


  1. Do the flowers on the fuchsia with two colours change as the flower matures?

    Robins are great aren't they. A nursery that was near to us had one that came in when a customers opened the door (they left a dish of food inside for it) then it left when another customer came in.

  2. Beautiful fuchsias.. love the Robin photos, they are wonderful little birds. We had a pair nest last year in a plant pot that was lying on it's side. Such fun to watch.

  3. What lovely fuchsia and such an adorable little robin. Hope you feel better soon.xxxx

  4. I love your little bird friend and the different colors on your fuchsia are beautiful. Feel better soon.


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