Saturday, 12 October 2013

DIY Adirondack chair.

I'm seriously wondering where mother natures head is at right now. After moaning the other day that winter has arrived, yesterday it was so hot I was in a strappy top out in the garden and today it's only a couple of degrees lower - is summer back! Lord only knows what this fluctuating temperatures are going to do to my poor flowers.

Anyway I've spent the last couple of days making that Adirondack chair and it's finally finished. It would have been an even quicker project if the dimensions on the plan were right but I guess whoever designed this particular chair didn't realise that six pieces of 4" wood (with a 1/2" gap between each piece) are not going to fit onto 23.5" spacers - not in my realm of thinking anyway.
The chair has turned out pretty nice especially as it cost me nothing because I used pallet wood, the only bug bear I have is that I had to use a couple of pieces of 2" wood where it should be 4" because the dimensions were wrong - Grrr!

See the annoying 2" piece of wood down the middle!

I just need to decide what colour to paint it now and then make another one the same plus 2 matching footstools and then turn one of the cable reels Mr TG got me into a table - perfect height for these chairs, which incidentally are soooooooooo comfortable.
Once I've made one more I will make another two but the design will be slightly different.


  1. It's been miserable and cold here! I can just imagine some lovely thick cushions on those chairs.

  2. It's lovely. Can you make me 1 please?????

  3. Wow, it's clever are you. The 2" piece of wood looks fine as it centered....and you have to paint them blue!!! xxxx


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