Sunday, 27 October 2013

DIY seed packets

My back is finally 90% healed - yay! There's not really much to be doing around the garden right now so I spent the whole of yesterday de-nailing wood from pallets Mr TG had taken apart for me - it felt so good to be actually doing something useful.
The day kinda tired me out though so you can imagine how this following conversation went down with Mr TG at 2:30am this morning while I was trying to sleep despite his fidgeting

"So how does this sound. We get up, drink tea, you have breakfast and then we go outside and tidy the shed?" (Mr TG's "shed" is about 60ft by 40ft and filled with crap all his wordly goods.)
Unfortunately Mr TG wasn't sleep talking, he was seriously asking me that at 2:30am as he jumps out of bed, switches a lamp on and proceeds to bounce about on the bed while he gets dressed. I remember dragging myself out of bed and getting dressed then making it downstairs yawning, to which Mr TG stated
"You look shattered, you don't have to come out, go back to bed babe"
I simply stared glared at him, then stared glared at myself donned in super thick thermals and jumpers etc then stared glared back at him.
"Oh, soreeeeeeee" is all he could bring himself to say as I turned and went back to bed.
I didn't sleep well though and ended up going outside at 5:45 am to help Mr TG with the shed to which Mr TG stated
"The clocks went back this morning by the way"
" Damn it I forgot" says I as relisation suddenly dawns "So it's actually 4:45 now then?"
"yup" says a smiling Mr TG.
It's now 10:15am and guess who's wide awake while Mr TG sleeps in bed!!!!!

So anyway, I haven't done much in the way of gardening BUT I did make some seed packets. I was going to make some fancy schmancy ones that I could print out and would look really pretty but instead I stuck to my simple 5 minutes to make ones and although they're nothing special they really do what I need them to do and keep seeds fresh for ages.
I thought I'd share them here and do a tutorial in case anyone else wants to give them a go - all you need is paper (I use parcel paper because it keeps the seed fresher for some reason and doesn't get affected by damp air), parcel tape and a pair of scissors.

First simply cut a square of parcel paper. I don't use a specific size and never measure but it's roughly 21cm square.

Then take one corner and fold it up to the opposite corner. If the paper square isn't perfectly square you'll end up with some excess that needs cutting away - like this

Simply snip that excess away and then fold corner A approx 3/4 of the way across the bottom

Then fold corner B over the folded corner A

Next take the parcel tape and tape from the top right corner of the envelope diagonally down to the bottom left corner. Turn the packet over and trim the excess off - I used to just fold it over the front but it makes the front look real messy so I trim it now

There will be two layers where I have made a black dot in the above photo, take the first layer, fold it down and tape it across - again trim the excess

Next turn the packet over to the front, cut some parcel tape, place a small portion of it across the bottom of the packet (because the base is currently still open), fold the rest of the tape over the back and trim it off

You're now left with an open packet like this

Then finally you just fold down the pointed flap to make an envelope and use a paper clip to keep it closed.
Voila perfectly easy seed packets.

The good thing about trimming the tape rather than just folding it over the front is that the front of the seed packet is completely clear for writing on.


  1. That is over and above the call of duty - good job you haven't neighbours or they'd have called the police.

    Origami lessons too!

  2. As long as he does not wake me he can go...I will sleep. I love the seed packets and will have to give them a try when I begin collecting seed.

    Glad to hear your back is so much better. Our clocks go back this coming weekend.


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