Monday, 21 October 2013

Slobber and Seeds

I could certainly stand having more days like today weather wise, mother nature has decided once again to bless us with a dry, wind free, sunny Autumn day and the evening looks set to be calm and dry too - happy days!
I managed to sneak out into the garden today while Mr TG was at work, I had all these plans to build stuff but when the time came I just couldn't do it - too painful. Instead I made my way round to the garden, pulled up a chair and took photos from where I was sitting. While the Montbretia and Leycesteria were still looking very bright and cheery

the view to the other side.........well...............not so much

Don't get me wrong I could watch Huntly all day cos I loves the not so little bundle of naughtiness BUT after watching his slobber just get longer and longer over the space of 5 minutes - and realising I was actually taking photos of it, ew - I knew this prolapsed disc had turned me into one sad individual.

Determined to do something more gardeny I decided to take a wander - hobble actually - up the lane and collect some Rosa Rugosa hips so I could use the seed. I've been meaning to do this for years because the Rugosa seems to tolerate the exposure here really well and I'd love a hedge from them but I just kept forgetting.
So off I tootled, collected some hips, tootled back and headed to the polytunnel to start digging out those seeds - I have to say this was the messiest seed collection I have ever taken part in and by the end of it I was covered in Pumpkin looking goo.

Rosa Rugosa hips.

Rosa Rugosa seed washed of flesh

Rosa Rugosa seed out to dry.

I'm assuming I need to refrigerate the seeds once they're completely dry so I'll do that along with a few other seeds I've collected.
Think I'm going to use this down time to make some envelopes for the seeds. I could use the regular shop ones but a few years ago I made some out of brown parcel paper and it's been brilliant at keeping the seeds viable over the years - in fact I may go all out and print out pretty ones.


  1. It's not been a tootling sort of day here - too soggy and miserable.

  2. Hound slobber may have been less messier a job. ;-)

  3. SO I was making rose hip jam and thought to dry the seeds, put them in the oven and then forgot about them. They probably sat in the oven for 2 1/2 hours at 200 deg F. Are they still viable?


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