Friday, 29 March 2013

All in a good days work..

Never before have I had Tomato seedlings pricked out and potted individually by the end of March, but I'm at least 1 month ahead of normal due to my fabulous heated propagator.
The chives and Garlic chives are also now ready for pricking out and potting up and the Peppers will also be soon too (peppers are not usually even sown until end of April due to low temps).
I'm surprised that the Cucumbers and Courgettes are not showing signs of life yet though so I think today I'll move those into the heated propagator to give them the warmth they obviously need.
But hey, I'm delighted with the Tomatoes!

Yesterday I decided to whip up a quick trug from recycled materials to carry my gardening tools from one area to the other. I sometimes use those pouches that clip round the waist but I find them uncomfortable and no way can you get down and dirty with the weeds when you have several hand tools, secateurs and scissors strapped to your waist.
A while ago I made a scrapwood trug but decided not to use it in the garden because it's too pretty and I'd be really bugged if I got it dirty so it sits in the craft room.

Here's the one I whipped up yesterday

I decided against any prettifying of it because it's going to get battered and in fact - to prove a point - when I put it down on the garden the first thing Huntly tried to do was pee up it! I saved it that time but next time who knows...

Once I had my trug made I went to tackle these

Those are Pampas grass that I planted last year to form a hedge that could withstand the wind we get here. There's other plants I could use as I don't particulary like handling pampas grass but I had a whole heap of these that needed using.
The only problem is the dogs! You can see the damage they've caused by trampling on them and laying on them (originally they looked very healthy plants - honest).
I contemplated pulling them all out and planting something on the other side of the fence where the dogs dont go but instead I did this

It's only temporary to allow the plants to grow but I'm still not sure it's a great idea. My back was turned for 5 minutes after I finished staking those tubes and Huntly had already pulled a tube from the stake and was chucking it around in the air. Think I need to come up with a different plant plan before the Pampas grows too big and is an issue to remove.

More land clearance was tackled by Mr TG yesterday (with the unexpected help form one of daughters) and we didnt get back in doors until sundown

I hope the weather is improving wherever you are today and allowing you to get out and treat yourself to some garden therapy.


  1. Oh my....RESPECT re the toms! Mine haven't even germinated yet!!!
    And those trugs, my you're a dab hand at making them, the white one is gorgeous!!!!xxxxx

    1. Thank you :)
      My Toms are only at the stage they are cos I put them in a heated propagator, otherwise they'd still be failing to show as per usual.
      So thankful for that little extra heat.

      Thanks for popping by


  2. I could really use one of those trugs.

    1. Honestly they are so easy to make. I used an electric cutter to cut the wood but I would just as happily use a handsaw, then it's just a case of screwing the pieces together. The whole thing takes me about an hour now (excluding cutting the hearts).
      Thanks for commenting


  3. Stunning sunset. I love the trug...I am not so handy. Your seedlings are far ahead of me for sure.

    1. Donna you would be surprised at what you could make, it's the thought that we can't that stops us trying. You could do a trug believe me.
      The sunsets are gorgeous here as are the sunrises.

      Thanks for stopping by Donna



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