Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Land clearing

Well, we've had another day of warmish spring weather and no wind to speak of, finally it feels as though spring might have sprung - or is just a false sense of security!
This photo shows just what the difference is between March 2013 and March 2012

Looks like we had it in the 20's last year and have only reached 3 degrees this year, however I'm looking on the optimistic side and hope that seeing as we had a pathetic summer last year despite higher spring temperatures, maybe ... just maybe we'll get a better summer this year due to the rubbish spring temperatures. Does it even work like that!

Anyway, we may have woken up to a hard frost/snow this morning but that sun soon shone through and Mr TG was back out there rotavating the land.
The 4 acres we have here is terrible ground. It's smothered with thick marsh grass that forms huge ground lumps, is full of digger ruts and covered with Gorse bushes so every area Mr TG works on has to first be strimmed to the ground, all the grass and weeds raked, then the area rotovated, levelled and finally flattened with a makeshift roller.
Hard, hard work and I'm just hoping that Mr TG doesn't have it in his head that he can do the whole 4 acres this way

See the makeshift roller on the right? It should attach to the back of a ride on lawnmower but it doesn't work so Mr TG has adapted it so that he can pull it by hand.

Naff crumbling wall huh.

You may wonder why we haven't just got a big machine in to do the work in a fraction of the time but to cut a long story short - we can't.
We had a couple of locals out to give prices for the work but all insisted that the marsh grass and gorse would knacker their machines, there is but one place that has the equipment needed apparently but that place refuses to do it because a few years ago we helped our neighbour with a dispute they had with this company. The worse bit to that is that we no longer speak to the neighbours!
Anyway Mr TG is just about stubborn enough to do it all himself and all it costs us is the diesel for the tiller, though tonight Mr TG has mentioned taking his Uber blow torch to the grass first for the rest of it.
Worried?  Who me?? About an Uber blow torch in the hands of someone who has no sense of danger?? You freaking betcha I am!


  1. Goodness me, four acres???? I am jealous, hard work or not. Your chap is doing an amazing job, could you send him around here when he's finished???

    The weather is downright freaky isn't it? We had rain all last year and now a freezing spring that is supposed to last through April....I've forgotten what sun looks like!xxxxx

  2. Hopefully Liverpool will show you sunny rays soon Snowbird.
    I may have 4 acres but you have miles of freedom on your narrowboat, what an amazing experience that must be :)
    Thanks for poping by.


  3. Four acres...I could only develop 1 hubby is the reluctant garden helper so I am on my own for most of the work...he does help with lifting but boy it is pulling teeth for much else...although I don't think i ever want him to have a torch either.

    1. I'm definitely lucky Donna, I think it's the builder in him lol. He has just finished building our entire 2 storey house all by himself - every block laid was him, electrics, plumbing, decorating etc - he's certainly as tenacious as I am.
      I have to admit I ran when the blow torch came out yesterday but he insists it helped to stop the grass clogging the machine so what can I say lol.
      Thanks for stopping by Donna


    2. Did see some smoke on our way South on the A9 on Wednesday - Was that you???

    3. Lol Mal, no Mr TG was very good and the blow torch literally just burned off the top growth as he went. Worked wonders apparently!

      Thanks for popping by



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