Thursday, 21 March 2013

Look what can be made...

I bet many of us garden bloggers spend a fair bit of time reading other blogs of interest and/or typing some relevant search into Google and seeing what it comes up with (I seriously can't be the only one that does this.....can I).
I'm more of a visual gal so once I've typed in what I'm looking for I go straight to 'images' and check out the results that way.
There's been many times when I've seen something so awesome and yet so obvious and thought to myself 'why the heck didn't I come up with that?' and I'll often pin them to 'Pinterest' even though I hardly ever go back to look at them afterwards.

Today I just have to share some of the awesomeness I've found online and I found this idea over at 'Creative DIY Gardening'. If you live with a sloping garden I think this would be an amazing way to grow veggies - if you're not a veggie grower then just imagine it plastered with flower power

Creative DIY Gardening

How's this next one for a veggie or flower trellis from 'The stir', or even just as a garden divide as a piece of art in its own right. Easy to make with copper pipe and joins and when it's weathered it will take on a more muted  tone (though personally I would want it to stay looking this good and copperish)

'The stir'
This 'DIY garden hose hanger' is one of those obvious ones that I wish I'd thought of, however I will definitely be doing this as it's such a nice way of keeping that unsightly hose tidy. It could also have a couple of hanging baskets attached to it to make it look even prettier.

DIY garden hose hanger

I have very clear ideas of what I want in a garden (even though my garden resembles none of them) and this next image of 'Eudora Welty's backyard garden' shows it perfectly. I love this

I could spend so much time sitting there surrounded by my favourite flower - the Rose.

This next one is another project I have had on my to do list for the past couple of years - leaf castings. 'The Yarnability' made some as bird baths but whatever use you want a leaf casting for 'The Yarnability' have a very clear and concise tutorial on their web. I've planned to do Gunnera and Fatsia leaves so hopefully this year I'll actually get round to it.

Hope you enjoyed all the awesomeness.


  1. Some great ideas you have found for the garden - my friend has a climbing frame for roses and clematis made from copper pipe which has now gone green with the weather which helps it blend in nicely.

    1. I'm going to be building some kind of Rose trellis soon Elaine, I bet your friends copper one looks lovely.
      Thank you for popping by.


  2. I did enjoy it...some great ideas out there especially the step if I put copper in my garden it would be stolen within hours or maybe days as copper is worth a lot...people stela it out of houses yards, construction sites...

    1. Never thought of that Donna, luckily I think it would be relatively safe here but you never know for sure ....

      Thanks for popping by

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Some great ideas there. I love the arbour with the rose growing over it, so nice that it incorporates seats too.


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