Saturday, 23 March 2013

Skimmia needs help.........

It seems as though I do nothing but moan about the weather at the moment and to be honest I really shouldn't because we have it much better up here than our southern neighbours (for a change) however it really is flippin freezing here.
I wrapped up this morning with thermal clothing, layers of jumpers, thick trousers, a coat, gloves and my 'Hotheadz' hoodie and even then I still froze. We don't have the forecasted snow though it's just a biting gale force wind that is causing the temperature drop.
I messed around outside for as long as I could take it but then headed back in to the warmth of the house.

Here's something I've been meaning to look into for a while now and keep forgetting. I have a couple of Skimmia Japonica - one is planted in the ground and one is in a pot. The pot one looks quite straggly and sickly and while the planted one is a lovely shaped shrub the colour is looking a little yellow to me - what do you think?

It's not just me it IS looking sickly isn't it?

The planted one is in a shaded position so I know it's not getting too much sunlight. When I was potting up the other one I checked the roots so I know there's no issue there. The only other thing I can think of is Chlorosis.
So with Chlorosis in mind I guess I should maybe add an Iron product to the soil? Or should I dig it up, check the surrounding soil and then dig in more suitable soil before replacing? Or do I spray the leaves? Or do I do both soil and foliage treatment?  Is it ok to dilute the soil application to spray on the leaves or do I need a special feed?
Could really do with some help on this one guys because I've looked it all up on the internet and I'm more confused than I was before - have any of you guys had a similar experience and managed to rectify it?


  1. Hi Linda, First of all your Skimmia in the pot needs repotting. When doing it, break away a fair bit of the rootball and buy a bag of ericaceous compost and plant it up using only this in a pot at least a couple of sizes larger.
    The one in the ground, water it thoroughly and then give a deep mulch of ericaceous compost water again. In mid Summer water the one planted in the ground with an ericaceous liquid feed. Remember, keep them well watered in Summer.

    1. Thank you Alistair, I will get right onto that and keep my fingers crossed.


    2. I have a skimmia with the same problem I went to centre where I purchased plant they recommended using sulphate of iron this promotes root growth and makes soil acidic around root zone which skimmia prefer it is cheap and easy to use,costing only £3-£6 per kilo so a box should last a couple of seasons

  2. Trying to find you on blotanical, what name do yu use?

    1. The Teanacious Gardener! I think lol. I logged on and couldn't see anything so I assume it's my blog name?
      Here's the link


  3. Glad Alistair could help...the one in the pot looked like it was in too small a pot but knowing nothing about this plant, I am glad an expert could help.

  4. I have this problem too, I didn't realise skimmia needed ericaceous compost. I'll have to get some, and maybe transfer from pot to ground.


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