Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bare earth and Pear problems.

I'd hoped by this time of year that I would at least have some of the Cabbages and Cauli's out into the veg beds. Alas this is what the beds currently look like

The deeper raised beds over at the polytunnel are in the same condition as well. I was so tempted today to get some of those veggies out but I just daren't, if we get some sharp frosts overnight then I'll lose the lot.

In the Polytunnel though I did bite the bullet and get a start on the Tomatoes. Ideally I would have liked the Tomato seedlings to be more rooted in their pots before transplanting but I got bored of waiting and the polytunnel is certainly warm enough day and night to host the plants.
Here's the 4 I managed to get started on

So far I've planted 2 'Black Russian', 1 'Gardeners Delight' and 1 'Roma' but I have plenty more to be getting on with. The Tomatoes are being grown in potato bags for the first time this year. I filled the bags with homemade compost (topsoil, well rotted manure & compost) and anchored some twine in each bag connecting up to a batten connected to the polytunnel beams, I'll wrap the Tomato plant around the twine as it grows.

I also got the first lot of cucumbers planted out but only had the room for 4 of them in the polytunnel bed - 2 'Akto' and 2 'Marketmore'.

Hopefully the Cucumbers will love that manure rich earth. Now I just need to keep them warm.

I noticed that the Conference Pear tree growing in the polytunnel is showing the first signs of a leaf problem that I saw for the first time last year.
I have no idea as to what this could be and it only affects the leaves so if anyone has an idea as to what it could be I'd love to know

The lumps eventually cover alot of the leaves and I can't see any kind of bug or aphid on the tree that may be causing this.
Any ideas!


  1. Have you looked up pear rust and par blister mite to see if the symptoms correspond.

    With the pear growing inside could it be lack of water?

    1. I shall look them up Sue. Thank you.
      I don't think water should be an issue because I keep an eye on that all the time but I'm going to check it out anyways.
      Thank you


  2. I would have thought pear rust too.

    Your toms are huge compared to mine, they should do brilliantly!

    My caulies and cabbages have all been devoured too!xxxx

  3. Frost and freeze here keeping me from planting ou my garden too


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