Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Birds, flowers and Pergolas

Despite the wind today I got the pergola finished. I didn't get the trellis up as well though because I came across a problem that could see me damaging a pipe that I would really rather not damage, so I'm going to have to think it through first.
Here's the finished pergola though

I'm not sure what to do with the sides yet (if anything), I'll make a decision once the trellis is up.

Remember those Bamboo plants that my daughter saved for me from work, the ones that were in the skip? The ones that were about 15ft tall and we had to transport them home in a car? Well it seems that not even Homebase can kill Golden bamboo - a bit of repotting, feed, lots of water and some TLC and they're paying me back

I'm so pleased they survived even though they looked just about had it, I now have £120.00 worth of bamboo for free.

I've never grown Verbena but I picked up 3 plants on sale at a garden centre earlier in the year. The 3 plants are still in pots and growing well but a week ago I thought I'd snip the tops off, bung them in some compost and put them in the heated propagator.
I'm not the best cutting taker and 99% of what I cut usually dies but lookit

Only a week old and they're shooting up. Think I'm going to take some more!

Finally can anyone name this plant, I got it from my mums old garden and left it in a pot just to see what it does. I'd love to know what it is.

Oh, one more thing. After 3 years absence look what has come back to the new feeding station in my garden

Siskins - I think!

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  1. The plant looks like a Lewisia - funnily enough I bought one too the other week.

    They will survive outdoors but need to be planted on an angle so water doesn't gather in the rosette.

    We've had siskins again this year too but only one pair.

    The pergola looks great by the way!

    1. Cheers for that Sue :) I'm hoping the Greenfinches return this year too but no sign so far.
      If that Lewisia takes a lot of molly coddling it has no hope of surviving here lol. I'll do my best though - such a pretty flower.

      Thanks again


  2. Congratulations! The pergola looks fabulous! What are you going to grow on it?

    1. Thank you Diantha. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing with the sides yet, probably some fancy woodwork knowing me lol.
      I've built a trellis off to the side of it now which is for a climbing rose so maybe the pergola will get a Clematis.
      Thank you for popping by Diantha.


  3. What a wonderful post! Everything is coming up roses isn't it?

    I'm terribly impressed with that pergola, could you pop around and build me one please? mine blew down in the wind and is in smitherines!

    Wow, congrats on the bamboo and the cuttings.....and the beautiful birds visiting! xxxx

    1. It is exciting when things seem to come together after months of dreary weather isn't it snowbird.
      I think maybe we should wait and see how it withstands Caithness winds before I brag too much lol.
      The birds, the cuttings and the bamboo are just making everything that much more exciting.

      I do hope everything is looking good for you too.


  4. The yellow bird reminds me of our goldfinch, but with more dark feathers, so I can't say. I do find that certain birds will frequent the feeders then disappear for long periods, then suddenly reappear. How nice for you they've decided to come back!

  5. I love the pergola. I wish I had space to put one up over here. And your cuttings...beautiful!

    Thank so much for sharing at The Creative HomeAcre Hop. Looking forward to seeing what you share this week.

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