Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Pond dilemma's

I've had a couple of private emails after the post below asking me why I am so hard on Mr TG. I guess it's difficult to share the humour behind the words in a blog post (least I obviously can't do it) but I felt I should just let people know that I am truly grateful for everything Mr TG does for me in the garden. The sarcasm in posts is simply how Mr TG and I roll, if you spoke to him he would be just as sarcastic about some of the "monstrosity's" that I have created over the years. There is no malice intended from either of us and we are in fact an effective team usually - honest!
I think perhaps I should get Mr TG to do a guest post one day on his thoughts - if I dare!
But just so you all know - Mr TG ROCKS! :)

Well so much for good weather over the last few days - it's been cold and windy and we even had hail storms thrown in today - Great!

Anyway I thought I'd give you an update on this pond we're building but before I do I need to give you an inkling as to why I'm so dubious to hand over the building of it to Mr TG - I'm glad it's not my project anymore don't get me wrong but I still have reservations.
Basically a couple of years ago I asked Mr TG to build a waterfall into our natural mini lake. We had all the rocks required to make it and the effect I wanted was as if the rocks had naturally fallen into the lake and that the water had found it's way through naturally - get the idea?
Well we talked about this vision for ages, I made completely sure that Mr TG knew exactly the look I was going for then I left him to it.
You can imagine my scepticism when I noticed the very first tool he went for was his spirit level (typical builder) and I knew then without a doubt I was not getting that natural rockslide I wanted - and I didn't! The finished job was spirit level perfect and looked so ridiculous even Mr TG agreed it needed demolishing (his only saving grace).
So, with that in mind you can probably imagine my worries with the pond in the garden, but still I explained to Mr TG that although we were using rocks (not the look I originally wanted) I still wanted a scattered look NOT spirit level straight.
here's Mr TG's interpretation of that

Look at those lovely ruddy straight lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also asked for them to hang over the liner so as to hide it a little - doesn't look like it's hanging over the edge to me!
Oh and also did I mention that I forget to check the liner for holes before we laid it? Well, guess what - I forgot to check the liner, and guess what else - it leaks! That water was right the way up to the top when we filled it up a few days ago, it's level is going down by the hour - oops!
You may wonder what the rocks are doing IN the pond (the pond leaked before the rocks were put there btw), well apparently Mr TG decided to make some bridges for the "fish to swim under". The mind boggles - maybe we should sort the leak out first Mr TG!

To get my head round the pond and what I'm going to do to it I decided to go and play in the polytunnel - what a mess there was in there

It's getting pretty dire in there now with so many plants needing to get planted out

I did give it a clear up though and it's now much more workable even though there are 40 or 50 plants in there that desperately need to go out

Much better!
Now I just need some nice decent weather to make some pergolas for the garden using an old metal bed base I scrounged - it'll look great trust me!


  1. Well, at least he's trying. And he cares about the well-being of the fish. Best of luck obtaining the water features of your dreams.

    1. You're right! Mr TG is exceptionally good to me where the garden is concerned. I guess I mainly get cheesed off because I would love to help him do these things but he insists he knows what I would like and would rather do it on his own.
      The pond isn't as bad as I thought tbh, especially considering the surrounding areas aren't finished yet.
      Mr TG rocks!


  2. It's funny when I first met the husband of one of my ex work colleagues - his comment to her afterwards was. You and Sue get on really well don't you as you are horrible to one another. We delivered courses together and I'm sure some delegates thought we hated one another as the banter between us had to be understood as just that banter!

    1. lol Sue, thank crikey we're not the only ones like it. We've been married for 23 years in July and would be lost without each other. I sometimes forget what we must look like to other people who aren't used to our way of banter.
      Thank you for that Sue and thank you for popping by :)


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  4. Oh Linda I am sorry to hear about the weather...i love your humor and it is how my hubby and I roll....I do understand your frustration with your garden helper...I have my own that my neighbors find humorous although I don't sometimes...mine would have used straight lines too...geesh we adore them but they do exasperate!!

  5. I found myself laughing at this post. I know how very hard a pond is to make, period. Add in the word "natural-looking", and it's impossible. I've tried. I failed. That's why I now have a formal concrete pond (that leaked). Anyway, I hope you get to pond all sorted out. Love the bridge for the fish idea! :)

  6. I totally get your humour re you and I wouldn't worry on that front!

    I'm might impressed how the pond is coming on, you can always soften the lines with baby's tears or something that like to creep across rocks.

    How lovely that you have so many plants waiting to go out, that's better than any visit to the garden centre.xxxx


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