Friday, 17 May 2013

There's no such thing as a short cut

And I found that out the hard way today.
You'd think after years of gardening that I wouldn't make lazy rookie mistakes wouldn't you but I guess I've learned my lesson now.
A while ago when we were digging out turf to insert sleeper edges I made the stupid, lazy decision to lay the turfs upside down straight onto my new flower beds!!!!
I know, I know I deserve a flick on the ear.
My lazy side convinced me that it would rot down soon enough and would save me stacking them elsewhere, however this is what the entire bed now looks like and I need to get it ready for planting

Idiot aren't I!  It may not have taken hours to rectify it but it was still extra work I didn't need, the bed was quite a big one and those turfs were stacked deep.

We've had a good couple of days weather wise (rain forecast all day tomorrow of course) and although I know I'll regret it I couldn't resist getting a couple of plants out - just a climbing rose 'Golden Rain' and some sweet peas, hopefully they're in a sheltered enough position to survive.

The garden is certainly beginning to produce some blooms and colour - I love spring colour

Cranesbill 'Phaeum'

Look at the Lillies romping away. They're as advanced (if not more so) than the ones growing in the polytunnel, plus these ones stayed out in the ground all winter.

Growing in the polytunnel at the moment is this Iris 'Langport Storm', I found the colour a but wishy washy when I first saw it but it's growing on me.

The pond escapades continue. Mr TG stupidly assumed that I had a) made sure the surrounding area of the pond was level, b) measured the liner that we have stored away and c) made sure said liner had no holes - I didn't!


  1. Love the picture of the saxifrage and London's Pride (and upcoming lilies?) Linda, it's great to see gardens brightening up!


  2. Thank you Jill and thnk you for naming the London's Pride cos I didn't know what it was lol.
    I agree with you Jill, spring colour is most uplifing.


  3. I do these things all the time and I have not is usually because I run out of time to be detailed.

    1. LOL Donna. The bed looks much better now and thanks to some lovely top soil hubby got for me today, it'll be ready for plants as soon as the weather allows!
      Bet I continue to make such mistakes though lol


  4. I have to admit I've done the same with turf! I'm one for short cuts that never work out. I think we both have an impatient streak.

    Some lovely blooms there. I hope your weather gets better.xxxx


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