Tuesday, 14 May 2013

He thought he was helping.....

This is the second day running where I've headed outside to get on with the garden, lasted 30 minutes and legged it back indoors because it's soooooooo cold out there.
I'm very fortunate that I have the opportunity to garden all day every single day if that's what I want and I always feel bad if I've let the weather dictate to me or I'm having one of those Blah days when I simply don't want to garden. Luckily I am a crafter too and I love making cards or making and building things for the home almost as much as gardening so with one of my daughters recently having moved out I have a bedroom to redecorate, a room to turn into a craft room and a room to turn into an office - busy, busy busy!

Back to the garden though.
I'm glad I held off planting out the veggies and flowers that are waiting in the polytunnel, the new growth on the flowers would most definitely have suffered with this cold wind and I don't think the veggies would have fared any better.

The new pond is the area we're currently constructing on the garden, although Mr TG still fails to see my vision of the finished product.
The pond will be edged by sleepers and the liner will go over the top of the sleepers and then I'll fix some kind of coping to the top, Mr TG does not get this and I'm not sure whether he genuinely thinks it won't work or whether he's being deliberately awkward - I suspect the latter to be the truth.
Thankfully Mr TG began the digging out for me and I did suggest that if the soil he digs out is good that he could put it on top of the newly manured area, saving me barrowing some from further afield.
I left him to it and when I returned this is what I found

What you're looking at there (from the bottom up) is part of the pond dug out then the darker manure Mr TG laid for me, the next paler stuff is the soil from the pond and then you can just see the darker soil I've been laying to the area.
Now does that paler stuff look like good soil to any of you? Anyone?
Is it just me or is it blinkin obvious that it's clay and that Mr TG has just dumped a pile of crappy soil onto my garden beds? Not only is it crappy clay but it's the exact same stuff that I've been diligently removing and/or improving to that exact area for the past few weeks.
Arghhhhhhhh!!  Grrrrrrrrrrrr! $%£DFGH&THMM(&^%$$

I kept my cool though and simply politely suggested that he dump the rest of the stuff elsewhere....if he knows whats good for him.

Here's the pond partly dug out

It's nowhere near deep enough yet and I still have to put 3 edging sleepers in but you get the idea - I hope! Mr TG doesn't though!
That pond soil is now pure clay and it's going to be very difficult to get out but the pick axe will help - hopefully!

With nothing else moving along outside I decided to take a piccie of a new flower popped out in the polytunnel. Say hello to Iris 'Pastel Charm'

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  1. ouch ...my OH is exactly the same , i need to be very specific with instruction or supervise!!

    Do you really need a liner if the area is pure clay? Could you just 'puddle' it?

    1. We have a natural lake over at the polytunnel so I guess it's possible that we wouldn't need the liner but OH wants to put fish in it so I don't want to risk it.
      It's not just Mr TG that needs specific instructions then lol.

      Thank you for popping by


  2. Maybe a little digger would help and Mr TG would love operating it!

    When we dug our pond I stood in the bottom sorting our the liner and completely disappeared.

    I bet there are some interesting exchanges to eavesdrop on when you are both in the garden!

    1. Mr TG already has a moosive MF digger, thankfully it has a puncture though lol. We're using a mini digger at the weekend for dog kennel erection but I don't think it would be able to access the back garden now.

      Yes, the conversation here is often sarcastic and very heated. Even loud sometimes lol but we always try to keep it in our minds that the garden is supposed to be a place of enjoyment and that it's not really worth argueing over.
      I did say we TRY to remember that lol, doesn't always work.

      It sounds like your pond must be mighty deep? Unless you're 3 ft tall of course lol.

      Thank you Sue :)

    2. I'm five foot and a blob Linda! We do have a wall a foot high around the edge so that adds to the overall depth! It's not as deep across the whole pond - this is just the deepest bit.

  3. That iris is gorgeous!

    You poor thing, my back aches just thinking about all the digging you do. And as for Mr TG.......struth you did well keeping your cool, he would have been legging it to the hills if it was me. Good luck with the pond, hopefully you'll get some decent weather soon.xxxx

    1. It's a new Iris this year Snowbird - I love em!
      I'm hoping for some decent weather soon but I dread to think what sun will do to that clay!!
      Thanks for popping by


  4. oh I would have been devastated if I came home and found that sub soil on my flowerbeds :) Looks like you might need a crowbar to break up all that clay. Love the dazzling blue from that Iris.

    1. Yup, I think a crowbar is definitely needed. The thought of taking it all out again and shifting it elsewhere is a bit annoying but I have to do I suppose!
      Thank you for popping by Rosie


  5. Be patient with us poor male creatures, we often know not what we do. Looks like you will have quite an impressive water feature when you are done, though.


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